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Astrological Chart of the Week
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Astrological Chart of the Week
For the Week of October 29-November 5, 2001

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Week of October 22-28, 2001:
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Astrological Talisman of the Moon For Health, Wealth, Safe Travel & to Drive Away Enemies from Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy

As true as steel,
as plantage to the moon,
As sun to day, as turtle to her mate, As iron to adamant, as earth to the centre,...

Troilus and Cressida
Act III. Scene II.
William Shakespeare

This week's election comes from the Three Books of Occult Philosophy of Cornelius Agrippa. In Book Two, Chapter 22, Agrippa discusses the tables of the planets. These are "magic squares" in which a row of numbers added either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, give the same result. Here is an interesting site by a mathematician on Magic Squares, Stars and other patterns.
Agrippa says that the table of the Moon, is a square of nine with eighty one numbers. Each vertical, diagonal or horizontal row adds up to 369 and the sum of all the numbers in the square is 3321.
This fortunate Moon being engraven on silver, renders the bearer thereof grateful, amiable, pleasant, cheerful, honored, removing all malice, and ill will. It causeth security in a journey, increase of riches and health of body, drives away enemies and other evil things from what place though pleaseth...
Three Books of Occult Philosophy Bk. II, Chapter 22, (Tyson ed.) page 319.
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The time for the making of the talisman is November 6, 2001 at 4:17 am EST (+5) in Washington, D.C. 38 N 55, 77 W 03. The Moon is strong in her sign Cancer and conjunct the Midheaven. It is the planetary day, Monday, and the planetary hour of the Moon.
We note that the Moon has separated from Jupiter, who is retrograde and accidentally malefic as the ruler of the 6th house. His retrogradation helps accentuate the effect of the separation, since the planets are mutually separating.
For the best effect try to finish the construction of the talisman between 4:17 and 4:27 am when it becomes the planetary hour of Saturn. Since the Moon is strong and well placed it shouldn't harm the talisman excessively to extend a bit into the hour of Saturn, but do your best to fit in the range.
At the elected time write the table of the Moon on paper using silver ink or for longer lasting and more powerful effect, engrave the table on a silver plate.
Moon Table
Moon Table

Moon Seal
Moon Seal

On the reverse side place the Seal of the Moon shown to right. You can add the divine names associated with the Moon, Hod and Elim, as well as the name of Gabriel who is the angel of the Moon.
Add your own name, personal symbol, if you have one or create a logo using your initials. Finally you should write or engrave your goal or intention for the talisman, e.g. wealth, health or security in a journey.
Here is further information on Astrological Talismans and Astrological Magic. If you wish to delve even deeper into this fascinating area I offer an Astrological Magic Web Course.


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