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Astrological Chart of the Week
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Astrological Chart of the Week
For the Week of October 22-28, 2001

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Week of October 15-21, 2001:
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and Mars for Marriage
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Astrological Talisman of Scorpio For Poison and Infection from the Archidoxes of Magic of Paracelsus

In like manner if diseases do proceed from the influences of Heaven, neither of the secrets aforesaid, are able to profit any thing in the cure thereof, but it must be expelled by Astronomy and the heavenly influences...


This week's election comes from the Archidoxes of Magic attributed to the famous German physician, alchemist and occult philosopher Theophrastus Philippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim called Paracelsus. The construction of this talisman calls for two separate elections.
Robert Turner's 1655 translation of the Archidoxes of Magic contains a number of sections relating to astrological medicine using talismans. In the Second Treatise of Celestial Medicines Paracelsus provides a talisman for each sign of the Zodiac.
This week's elections are steps in the construction of Paracelsus' talisman of Scorpio,
The Seal of Scorpio must be made of pure Iron in the day and hour of Mars, when the Sun enters Scorpio...and in the same hour let one side of the Lamen be engraved with his Characters. Afterwards when the Sun is entered into Aries let the other side be engraven. It may be applied at any time you will
Paracelsus, Archidoxes of Magic (Turner, trans.) page 147.
First Face of Paracelsus' Scorpio Talisman

The time chosen for the first step, the casting of the talisman, is October 23, 2001 at 7:34 am EDT (+4) in Washington, D.C. 38 N 55, 77 W 03. At this moment at this location the Sun rises. It has just entered Scorpio and 1 degree of Scorpio rises. It is also Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars as well as the planetary hour of Mars since it is dawn on Tuesday.
At the same time as the talisman is cast, October 23, 2001 at 7:34 am EDT (+4) in Washington, D.C. 38 N 55, 77 W 03, Paracelsus says to engrave the appropriate characters shown above to the right. I wonder how long it would take to cool iron enough to engrave it after casting. My sense is that one could engrave a prepared iron plate that this time without significant diminution of its power.
Second Face of Paracelsus' Scorpio Talisman
The next step is taken when the Sun enters Aries. On March 21, 2002 at 6:15 am EST (+5) in Washington, D.C. 38 N 55, 77 W 03, once again the Sun rises, just after entering Aries, and 1 degree of Aries ascends. At this time Paracelsus tells us to engrave the other side of the talisman with the characters shown above to the left. The talisman may then be applied, i.e., worn for the first time, at any time.
Paracelsus says of this talisman that, "It is a most excellent Remedy against and Poyson and Diseases thereby infected. It is excellent and admirable for Souldiers, Captains and such as are in daily Controversies..." Archidoxes of Magic (Turner, trans.) page 147.
Here is further information on Astrological Talismans and Astrological Magic. If you wish to delve even deeper into this fascinating area I offer an Astrological Magic Web Course.


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