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For April 2009

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Cazimi Moon

House Based



Invisibility & Protection

The current chart is a house based talisman created for secrecy and invisibility and for protection against enemies and those in authority. One of the key factors in the chart is that the Moon is cazimi, in the heart of the Sun, i.e., within 17 minutes of the Sun.
Invisibility Talisman Front
Invisibility Talisman Front
The medieval Italian astrologer Guido Bonatti says,

"And when [the Moon] is under the rays of the Sun she signified secrets and things that have been hidden, and also she signifies matters that must be hidden; wherefore, at that time it is good to manage things that must be hidden and do those things which we wish to conceal from people before the Moon should be separated from the the Sun, but to be sure, at the time after she is separated from the Sun, [we must do] those things which we want to be hidden before she goes out from the Sun's rays."

Liber Astronomiae, Book III (Arhat ed.) page 38.
Generally being combust, i.e., within 8.5 degrees of the Sun, or under the Sun's beams, within 17 degrees, are considered to be afflictions, while being cazimi is considered to fortify a planet. Yet cazimi shares with combustion and being under the Sun's beams, the quality of being obscured by the Sun's light. Thus it makes sense to make an invisibility talisman when the Moon is cazimi because she is both dignified and yet hidden.
Our next task was to find an election for a house based talisman. We would wish to have the 1st house, as the house of the user of the talisman, and the 1st ruler, well dignified. We would then also wish to have the 2nd house of the money of the user and the 2nd ruler well dignified. Then we would wish to weaken the 7th house and 7th ruler as the house of open enemies and the 10th house and 10th ruler as the house of government and those in authority.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The election is for 9:23 pm MDT, April 24, 2009 for Boulder, Colorado, where we will be casting the talismans. The Moon is exalted and cazimi. Scorpio rises and Mars rules the 1st house, signifying the user of the talisman. Mars is well dignified by sign and face. The 2nd house of money is ruled by the natural ruler of wealth, Jupiter, who is dignified by term. The 7th house of open enemies is ruled by Venus, who is afflicted by being in detriment. Mercury, ruler of the 10th house of government is peregrine and thus weak and Saturn, the Greater Malefic, retrograde, afflicts the 10th house.
Our final task was to create a design for talisman of invisibility. We used a variation of an invisibility talisman from the Black Pullet, a somewhat decadent 18th century grimoire. On page 44 of the 2000 edition of the Black Pullet, published by Weiser, is an invisibility talisman. We kept the basic shape with the Sun in the middle, but replaced the planets in the inner square with the Moon, who is cazimi with the Sun, also included, plus Mars, ruler of the 1st house and Jupiter, ruler of the 2nd house. The inscription on the outer ring in the Black Pullet appeared to be gibberish so we replaced it with a Hebrew inscription of Psalm 17.8: "Keep me as the apple of your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wings." You can see the design above to right.
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