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Saturn Rings from Magia Astrologica



Magia Astrologica Title
Magia Astrologica Title Page
Lynn Thorndike in his History of Magic & Experimental Science states that Magia Astrologica, a portion of which is translated below, was published in 1611 by P. Constantius Albinius,

" a key to the work of 1610 of Petrus Arlensis de Scudalupis On the Sympathy of the Seven Metals and Seven Stones with the Planets, for the greater elucidation of that work, we we have already mentioned. Albinius published his with the same printers or booksellers. Despite the other work's rejection of them Albinibus gave various rings of the planets, seals of the twelve signs and other images which he assured the reader were strictly astrological and not magical. He also associated hierarchies of angels with different stones and colors for magical purposes. Yet the work was published with a royal privilege. Thus gems retained their magical associations into the seventeenth century."

Thorndike, History of Magic & Experimental Science, vol X at 324.
In 1674 Magia Astrologica was placed on the Index librorum prohibitorum index of prohibited books maintained by the Congregation of the Index of the Roman Catholic Church, presumably because it dealt with astrology and magic, two prohibited occult arts.

Rings of Saturn from Magia Astrologica 1611


When you wish to make Saturn rings or images or sigils, and to see and bring about some of their effects, this is what you should do.
Cause your mind and action to be united together, and do not vacillate, take lead, the principal metal, of Saturn, in the hour of Saturn, in the morning or afternoon, Saturn in his exaltation and not combust, not aspecting malefics, in a good configuration, with good aspects, just as the astrologers in elections have become accustomed to doing, and choose the hour that you know is good, when the lords of the Ascendant and tenth house are fortified, and this is how it is complete, and it is appropriate that the Moon be in Capricorn, or nearby, when you prepare and cast the lead, as the Book of Sympathy says, prepare the by making it into a capsule and wrap it in clean linen and let it be done under the open sky or in an open place or in a gallery open to the sky. This is how it is done by the Turks according to the Book of Sympathy.
Repeat this again with the lead: Wait to fashion [the image] until Saturn is making good aspects, is dignified, and in his sign or exaltation, because then he powerfully brings about an influx [of his energy]. Then at the opportune moment when there is the optimal configuration [literally conjunction] begin to sculpt the stone and shape it.
In this way make the ring, and engrave in the stone the appropriate signs that are said to be appropriate and peculiar to Saturn or at least the sigil of his Intelligence: and if this work is done by an artist, make sure that the mind of the artist is united with the work and that the work is done in a hour that is harmonious and appropriate under a good configuration as we have said. Always entrust the work to one filled with [the proper] intention.
End the work with the stone similarly to that of the Metal, so that they correspond in all ways, doing the work on the ring by the same way in order that the influx [of the power of Saturn] will descend, stamping the characters [of Saturn] inside the ring. If you carry it, miraculous effects will appear and you will accept supernatural powers as we have said.
Likewise use the same method in the creation of other rings or images or sigils observing the method that has been noted and described.

Magia Astrologica, P. Constantius Albinius (Paris 1611) at 11-12. (translated by Christopher Warnock, Esq)

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