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Astrological Chart of the Week
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Astrological Chart of the Week
For the Week of October 21-27, 2002

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10/14-20, 2002: Picatrix Bk I
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Analyses of the Washington, D.C. Area Sniper Attacks

This week we take a break from Electional Astrology, Astrological Magic and Astrological Talismans and turn to traditional Horary Astrology. Horary astrology typically begins with the time of the birth of a question, rather than the birth of a person and judges the answer to the question from a chart of the time of its asking. It is also possible to judge the outcome of events from the chart of their occurence.
Let us begin by looking at event charts for the shootings attributed to the sniper to date. What is striking about these charts is the prominence of Venus.
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

We note that the following charts have Venus as the ruler of the Ascendant:
Libra rising
  • 10/3/02 7:41 am
  • 10/3/02 8:12 am
  • 10/3/02 8:37 am
  • 10/7/02 8:09 am

Taurus rising
  • 10/9/02 8:18 pm
We note that Venus is conjunct the Ascendant for the following charts:
  • 10/3/02 9:58 am
  • 10/11/02 9:35 am
Thus there are only two charts in which Venus is not either the ruler of the Ascendant nor conjunct the Ascendant.
In the 10/2/02 6:04 pm chart Venus is in the 8th, the house of death.
The 10/3/02 9:20 pm chart is the only one without any signficant connection to Venus. It is also anomalous in that the shooting took place in Washington, D.C. and not in the surrounding suburbs.
Generally when looking at event charts for a death, see Chandra Levy Example, is to take the Ascendant as the providing information about the victim.
However, in this series of charts it is Venus that ties the charts together and it is Venus ruling the Ascendant that accounts for five charts.
It is unlikely that the sniper is consciously picking times when Venus is prominent. Under the philosophy espoused by Renaissance astrologers the Heavens control the body and emotions, thus the sniper is unconsciously impelled to shoot at these times.
So in this set of charts we will provisionally take Venus as the significator of the sniper (or snipers! more on this later).
Venus in this set of charts is in her detriment, Scorpio, but is also dignified by triplicity and term. Simultaneously dignified and afflicted by essential dignity, she has been slowing down, gone stationary, and then retrograde.
The Italian astrologer Guido Bonatti notes that being stationary and retrograde indicates, "mischief, damage, discord, contradiction and going backward with damage..." Aphorism 25.
Certainly Scorpio is an appropriate sign as it is one of the signs of violent malefic Mars , but violence of a more secret and indirect type.
The astrologer William Lilly says that Scorpio, "doth represent subtill, deceitfull men." Christian Astrology, page 97.
One of the interesting things about the four charts with Libra rising is that when Libra is rising, Taurus is on the cusp of the 8th house of death, making Venus the ruler of the 8th of death. Quite appropriate!
The most obvious factor that is associated with Venus in this series of charts is the fact that is is conjunct the fixed star star, Zuben Elgenubi, the South Scale or Southern Claws of the Scorpion.
This star has a very evil reputation. Lilly lists it (under chelae "claws") as a star indicating violent death. Christian Astrology, page 644.
Ptolemy says that it is of the nature of Saturn and Mars, both malefic planets. Tetrabiblos Book I, Chapter 9 (Loeb) page 51.
Vivian Robson says it causes, "malevolence, obstruction, an unforgiving character, violence, disease, lying, crime, disgrace and danger of poison. The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology, page 205.
Robson goes on to say that when conjunct Venus, the South Scale is, "[b]ad for marriage, sudden and secret death, may be poisoned owing to jealousy of one of own sex." Fixed Stars, page 205.
If we take Venus to be the significator of the sniper, then we have some interesting results. Firstly, using Lilly rules for thieves, we note that Venus is in a prolific sign, Scorpio, which indicates more than one participant in the shootings. Christian Astrology, page 339.
Lilly also uses a comparison of the gender of the sign on the Ascendant and hour ruler to determine the gender of the thieves. In this set of charts the indications are mixed:
  • Four charts have masculine rising sign and hour ruler
  • Two charts have a feminine rising sign and masculine hour ruler
  • One chart has a masculine rising sign and feminine hour ruler
  • Three charts have a feminine rising sign and hour ruler.
Lilly says that this combination of genders means, "...there were two Theeves, both a Man and a Woman." Christian Astrology, page 338 (additional reference on page 339).
We note that the Color of Venus is white. Christian Astrology, page 75, and there have been reports of the sniper(s) riding in a white van or truck.
Finally Venus in Scorpio gives us a hint of some sort of sexual connection to these shootings. See, e.g. Election for Lust & Lechery.
While Venus dignified signifies love, Venus afflicted indicates a person (or persons), "Riotous, Expensive, wholly given to Loosenesse and Lewd companies of Women, nothing regarding his Reputation, coveting unlawful Beds, Incestuous, an Adulterer..." Christian Astrology, page 74.


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