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The Planets in Renaissance Astrology
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Agrippa on the Things Ruled by Venus


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What things are Venereal or under the power of Venus

from Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Elements & Tastes
Metals & Stones
Plants & Trees
Regions & Countries



What things are under the power of Venus, and are called Venereall.

Things are under Venus, amongst Elements, Aire, and Water; amongst humours, Flegm, with Blood, Spirit, and Seed; amongst tasts, those which are sweet, unctuous, and delectable.
Amongst Metals, Silver, and Brass, both yellow, and red; amongst Stones, the Berill, Chrysolite, Emrald, Saphir, green Jasper, Corneola, the stone Aetites, the Lazull stone, Corall, and all of a fair, various, white, and green Colour.
Amongst Plants and Trees, the Vervin, Violet, Maidenhaire, Valerian, which by the Arabian is called Phu; also Thyme, the gum Ladanum, Amber-grise, Musk, Sanders, Coriander, and all sweet perfumes, and delightfull,
And sweet fruits, as sweet Pears, Figs, Pomegranats, which the Poets say was, in Cyprus, first sown by Venus. Also the Rose of Lucifer was dedicated to her, also the Myrtle tree of Hesperus.
Moreover all luxurious, delicious Animals, and of a strong love, as Dogs, Conies, stinking Sheep, and Goats, both female, and male, which generates sooner then any other Animall, for they say that he couples after the seventh day of his being brought forth; also the Bull for his disdain, and the Calf for his wantonness.
Amongst birds, the Swan, the Wagtail, the Swallow, the Pellican, the Burgander, which are very loving to their yong. Also the Crow, and Pigeon, which is dedicated to Venus, and the turtle dove, one whereof was Commanded to be offered at the purification, after bringing forth. The Sparrow also was dedicated to Venus, which was Commanded in the Law to be used in the purification, after the Leprosie, a martiall disease, then which nothing was of more force to resist it. Also the Egyptians called the Eagle Venus, because she is prone to Venery, for after she hath been trod thirteen times a day, if the Male call her, she runs to him again.
Amongst fishes, these are Venereall, the lustfull Pilchards, the letcherous Gilthead, the Whiting for her love to her yong, Crab fighting for his Mate, and Tithymallus for its fragrance, and sweet smell.


How Provinces, and Kingdoms are Distributed to Planets.


Venus with Taurus governs the Isles Cyclades, the seas of Little Asia, Cyprus, Parthia, Media, Persia, but with Libra she commands the peoples of the island Bractia, of Caspia, of Seres, of Thebais, of Oasis, and of Troglodys.


The Composition of Some Fumes Appropriated to the Planets.

For Venus take musk, ambergris, lignum-aloes, red roses, and red coral and make them up with the brain of sparrows and the blood of pigeons...
To Venus flowers such as roses, violets, saffron and such like...


What Places are Suitable to Every Star

To Venus, pleasant fountains, green meadows, flourishing gardens, garnished beds, stews (and according to Orpheus) the sea, the seashore, baths, dancing places and all places belonging to women.


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