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The Planets in Renaissance Astrology
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Agrippa on the Things Ruled by Jupiter


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What things are Jovial or under the power of Jupiter

from Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Elements & Tastes
Metals & Stones
Plants & Trees
Regions & Countries



What things are under the power of Jupiter, and are called Jovial.

Things under Jupiter, amongst Elements, are the Aire: amongst humors, blood, and the spirit of life, also all things which respect the encrease, nourishment, and vegetation of the life. Amongst tasts such as are sweet, and pleasant.
Amongst Metals, Tin, Silver, and Gold, by reason of their temperateness: Amongst stones, the Hyacinth, Beril, Saphir, the Emrald, green Jasper, and aiery colours:
Amongst Plants and Trees, Sea-green, Garden Basil, Bugloss, Mace, Spike, Mints, Mastick, Elicampane, the Violet, Darnell, Henbane, the Poplar tree, and those which are called lucky trees, as the Oak, the tree aesculus which is like an Oak but much bigger, the Holm tree, the Beech tree, the Hasle tree, the Service tree, the white Fig tree, the Pear tree, the Apple tree, the Vine, the Plum tree, the Ash, the Dog-tree, and the Olive tree, and also Oile.
Also all manner of Corn, as Barley, Wheat, also Raisins, Licorish , Sugar, and all such things whose sweetness is manifest, and subtile, partaking somewhat of an astringent, and sharp tast, as are Nuts, Almonds, Pine-apples, Filberds, Pistake Nuts, roots of Peony, Mirabolaus, Rhubarb, and Manna, Orpheus adds Storax.
Amongst Animals such as have some stateliness, and wisdom in them, and those which are mild, well trained up, and of good dispositions, as the Hart and Elephant, and those which are gentle, as Sheep and Lambs:
Amongst birds, those that are of a temperate complexion, as Hens, together with the Yolk of their Eggs. Also the Partridge, the Pheasant, the Swallow, the Pellican, the Cuckow, the Stork, birds given to a kind of devotion which are Emblemes of gratitude. The Eagle is dedicated to Jupiter, she is the Ensigne of Emperours, and an Embleme of Justice, and Clemency.
Amongst fish, the Dolphin, the fish called Anchia , the Sheath fish, by reason of his devoutness.


How Provinces, and Kingdoms are Distributed to Planets.


Under Jupiter with Sagittarius are Tuscana. Celtica, Spain and Happy Arabia: under him with Pisces are Lycia, Lydia, Cilicia, Phamphylia, Paphlagonia, Nasamonia and Libya.


The Composition of Some Fumes Appropriated to the Planets.

For Jupiter take the seed of ash, lignum aloes, storax, the gum benjamin, the lazule stone, the tops of the feathers of a peacock, and incorporate them with the blood of a stork, or a swallow and the brain of a hart...
To Jupiter, odoriferous fruits, such as nutmegs, cloves...


What Places are Suitable to Every Star

Unto Jupiter are ascribed all privileged places, consistories of noble men, tribunals, chairs, places for exercises, schools and all beautiful, and clean places, scattered or sprinkled with divers odors.


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