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The Planets in Renaissance Astrology
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Agrippa on the Things Ruled by Mercury


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What things are Mercurial or under the power of Mercury

from Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Elements & Tastes
Metals & Stones
Plants & Trees
Regions & Countries



What things are under the power of Mercury, and are called Mercuriall.

Things under Mercury are these; amongst Elements, Water, although it moves all things indistinctly; amongst humors, those especially which are mixed, as also the Animall spirit; amongst tasts those that are various, strange, and mixed:
Amongst Metals, Quick-silver, Tin, the Slver Marcasite; amongst stones, the Emrald, Achates, red Marble, Topaze, and those which are of divers colours, and various figures naturally, & those that are artificiall, as glass, & those which have a colour mixed with yellow, and green.
Amongst Plants and Trees, the Hazle, Five-leaved-grass, the Hearb Mercury, Fumitary, Pimpernell, Marjoram, Parsly, and such as have shorter and less leaves, being compounded of mixed natures, and divers colours.
Amonst Animals, also, that are of quick sence, ingenious, strong, inconstant, swift, and such as become easily acquainted with men, as Dogs, Apes, Foxes, Weesels, the Hart, and Mule; and all Animals that are of both sexes, and those which can change their Sex, as the Hare, Civet-Cat, and such like.
Amongst birds, those which are naturally witty, melodious, and inconstant, as the Linet, Nightingale, Blackbird, Thrush, Lark, the Gnat-sapper, the bird Calandra, the Parret, the Pie, the Bird Ibis, the bird Porphyrio, the black Betle with one horn.
And amongst fish, the fish called Trochius, which goes into himself, also Pourcontrell for deceitfulness, and changeableness, and the Fork fish for its industry; the Mullet also that shakes off the bait on the hook with his taile.


How Provinces, and Kingdoms are Distributed to Planets.


Mercury with Gemini rules Hircania, Armenia, Mantiana, Cyrenaica, Marmarica, and the Lower Egypt; but with Virgo, Greece, Achaia, Creta, Babylon, Mesopotamia, Assyria, and Ela, whence they of that place are in Scripture called Elamites.


The Composition of Some Fumes Appropriated to the Planets.

For Mercury take mastic, frankincense, cloves and the herb cinquefoil, and the stone achates, and incorporate them all with the brain of a fox or a weasel and the blood of a pie...
To Mercury, all the peels of wood and fruit, as cinnamon, lignum-cassia, mace, citron peel, and bayberries, and whatever seeds are odoriferous...


What Places are Suitable to Every Star

To Mercury, shops, schools, warehouses, an exchange for merchants and the like.


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