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The Planets in Renaissance Astrology
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Agrippa on the Things Ruled by Saturn


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What things are Saturnine or under the power of Saturn

from Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Elements & Tastes
Metals & Stones
Plants & Trees
Regions & Countries



Chapter xxv. What things are Saturnine, or under the power of Saturne.

Saturnine things, amongst Elements, are Earth and also Water: amongst humors, black Choller that is moist, as well natural, as adventitious, adust Choller excepted. Amongst tasts, soure, tart, and dead
Amongst Metals, Lead, and Gold, by reason of its weight, and the golden Marcasite. Amongst stones, the Onix, the Ziazaa, the Camonius, the Sapphire, the brown Jasper, the Chalcedon, the Loadstone, and all dark, weighty, earthy things.
Amongst Plants and Trees, the Daffodill, Dragonwort, Rue, Cummin, Hellebor, the tree from whence Benzoine comes, Mandrake, Opium, and those things which stupifie, and those things which are never sown, and never bear fruit, and those which bring forth berries of a dark colour, and black fruit, as the black Fig-tree, the Pine-tree, the Cypress-tree,
And a certain tree used at burials, which never springs afresh with berries, rough, of a bitter tast, of a strong smell, of a black shadow, yielding a most sharp pitch, bearing a most unprofitable fruit, never dies with age, deadly, dedicated to Pluto, as is the Hearb pass-flower, with which they were wont Anciently to strow the graves before they put the dead bodies into them, wherefore it was lawfull to make their Garlands at feasts with all Hearbs, and Flowers besides pas-flowers, because it was mournfull, and not conducing to mirth.
Also all creeping Animals, living apart, and solitary, nightly, sad, contemplative, dull, covetous, fearfull, melancholly, that take much pains, slow, that feed grossly, and such as eat their young. Of these kinds therefore are the Ape, the Cat, the Hog, the Mule, the Camel, the Bear, the Mole, the Asses, the Wolfe, the Hare, the Dragon, the Basilisk, the Toad, all Serpents, and creeping things, Scorpions, Pismires, and such things as proceed from putrefaction in the Earth, in Water, or in the ruines of houses, as Mice, and many sorts of Vermin.
Amongst birds, those are Saturnine, which have long necks, and harsh voices, as Cranes, Estriches, and Peacocks, which are dedicated to Saturn, and Juno. Also the scrich-Owle, the horn-Owle, the Bat, the Lapwing, the Crow, the Quaile, which is the most envious bird of all.
Amongst fishes, the Eel, living apart from all other fish; the Lamprey, the Dog-fish, which devours her young, also the Tortoise, Oisters, Cockles, to which may be added Sea-spunges, and all such things as come of them.


How Provinces, and Kingdoms are Distributed to Planets.


Macedonia, Thracia, Illyria, India, Ariana, Gordiana (many of which are countries in the lesser Asia) are under Saturn with Capricorn; but with Aquarius under him are the Sauromantian country, Oxiana, Sogdiana, Arabia, Phazania, Media, Ethiopia, which countries for the most part belong to the more inward Asia.


The Composition of Some Fumes Appropriated to the Planets.

For Saturn take the seed of black poppy, of henbane, the root of mandrake, the loadstone and myrrh, and make them up with the brain of a cat or the blood of a bat...
To Saturn are appropriated for fumes all odoriferous roots, as pepperwort root, etc., and the frankincense tree...


What Places are Suitable to Every Star

But amongst places that are appropriated to the stars, all stinking places, dark, underground, religious and mournful places, as churchyards, tombs, and houses not inhabited by men, and old, tottering, obscure, dreadful houses, and solitary dens, caves and pits, also fishponds, standing pools, fens and such like are appropriated to Saturn.


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