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Jupiter Magic Ring
Jupiter Magic Ring ENLARGED








Jupiter is the best planet for wealth, prosperity and good fortune. He is also associated with spirituality, philosophy and wisdom. These rings are very special as their signets were cast precisely at the astrologically auspicious time for Jupiter according to the rules of traditional (pre-1700) astrology and the key sources of ancient astrological magic. You can see the chart of their creation below. The signets are then placed into rings custom made for each client, with pine placed under the signet and the signet united with the ring at the planetary day and planetary hour of Jupiter.
We also have silver Jupiter talismans.
Jupiter Magic Ring
Jupiter Magic Ring
On the signet of the magic ring is the symbol of Jupiter. The Renaissance mage, Cornelius Agrippa says of the talismans of Jupiter that it

"conduceth to gain, and riches, favor, and love, peace, and concord, and to appease enemies, to confirm honors, dignities, and counsels..."

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Bk II, ch 22.

The Picatrix says that Jupiter rules,

"...And he has rulership over laws and legality, in jurisprudence, quickness in obtaining petitions, renewal, retention, and guarding from human sickness. He has [rulership] over wisdom, philosophy and the interpretation of dreams;."

Picatrix, Bk III, ch. 1, Greer & Warnock trans.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The elected time and date is 12:29 pm MDT March 14, 2010 for Boulder, Colorado, where the talismans were actually cast.
At this time Jupiter was culminating. It was planetary hour of Jupiter. Jupiter is highly dignified by sign, term and face, a whopping +8, making this a SUPER Jupiter ring.
I am pleased to offer these amazing sterling silver magic rings of Jupiter. They come with a Nigel Jackson Jupiter color image and full consecration instructions These rings are a wonderful example of the ancient art of astrological magic, authentically and beautifully made.
Sizing is VERY IMPORTANT! Because each ring is custom made there are no returns on rings. It is your responsibility to determine the proper size. If you need to know your ring size you can check with a jeweler or for $5.95 plus shipping I can send you a set of ring sizers. If you buy the ring sizers and then buy a magic ring, I will credit you with the cost of the ring sizers ($5.95) off of the ring. Please contact me to order a ring sizer.

Jupiter Silver
Magic Ring
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Jupiter Silver
Magic Ring
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The Jupiter silver magic rings are unavailable as of October 20, 2015.
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Because each ring is custom made there are no returns on rings. It is your responsibility to determine the proper size.