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Talisman larger than actual size


House Based




The VERY LAST gold plated silver Fountain of Wealth talisman for, "money in great quantities and...good fortune in all your undertakings", from the venerable astrological magic grimoire, the Picatrix is sold out. The Silver Triple Tree Talisman was made using the same recipe at a different casting.
This talisman is very special because it is an example of the very height of the art of astrological magic, the house based talisman. The typical planetary, fixed star or Mansion of the Moon talisman requires approximately 3-5 factors be present. This talisman lists 15 conditions of which 10 are present. This makes this talisman extremely powerful as the conditions are so rare and unusual. The Fountain of Wealth talismans are cast out of molten silver at a precisely elected time. You can see the actual chart of the making of this talisman below.
Let's take a look at this beautiful talisman. On the front of the talisman, which you can see above to right, is a stunning image an angel pouring out an endless fountain of gold coins from an enchanted cup. To left you can see the meditation and ritual image by the talented artist and mage, Nigel Jackson, that accompanies this talisman, again showing the image of an angel with a cup pouring out gold coins next to a fountain of gold.
Copyright 2009 Nigel Jackson
Mediation & Ritual Image
Talisman larger than actual size
On the back of the talisman, which you can see to right, around the edge is the Hebrew of Song of Songs 4.15, "You are a garden fountain, a well of flowing water streaming down from Lebanon." Then we can see the symbols of Jupiter, ruler of the Ascendant & 10th house; Venus, ruler of the 2nd house and the Moon, then the symbol of Pisces, the sign where Jupiter, Venus & the Moon ar located, and the symbols of Taurus, the sign on the 2nd house cusp and Sagittarius, the sign on the 10th house cusp.
For the complex and difficult election for the talisman Picatrix says,

An image to increase sales and profits. Fashion images, and make fortunate the Ascendant and the Tenth house and their lords, and the lord of the house of the lord of the Ascendant, and the lord of the house of the lord of the Tenth, the Moon and the lord of its house, as well as the Second house and its lord, and place the lord of the Second house in reception with the lord of the Ascendant by trine or sextile aspect, and place a fortune in the Second house, and place the Part of Fortune in the Ascendant or the Tenth house, and have the Lord of the Part of Fortune aspecting it with a good aspect. And when this image has thus been made, carry it with you, and hide it secretly so that none might see it, and you shall gain money in great quantities and have good fortune in all your undertakings."

Picatrix Bk I ch. 5.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The elected time and date is 7:38 am, MST, on February 15, 2010 for Boulder, Colorado, where the talismans were cast. Let's look at the chart and the requirements set out for the election by Picatrix. First, the Ascendant and 10th house are unafflicted. The Ascendant and the 10th house are both ruled by Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, who is highly dignified by sign and conjunct the Ascendant. The lord of the house of the lord of the Ascendant is Jupiter and the lord of the house of the lord of the 10th is also Jupiter.
The Moon is peregrine, but otherwise unafflicted. The lord of the 2nd house is Venus, the Lesser Benefic, who is super dignified by exaltation, triplicity and term and she is applying to conjoin Jupiter, lord of the Ascendant. The Part of Fortune is in the 1st house and the lord of the Part of Fortune is Jupiter and Jupiter is conjunct the Part of Fortune. Wow, what a powerful election!
I am pleased to offer beautiful gold plated sterling silver Picatrix house based Fountain of Wealth talismans for money in great quantities and good fortune in all undertakings. The talismans are 24 grams in weight, a bit less than an ounce of silver and are 32 millimeters or 1 1/4 inches in diameter. After being cast at the elected time, which you can see above, the talisman was consecrated and then gold plated. The talisman comes with a cord and color Nigel Jackson wealth talisman image for mediation and visualization as well as full consecration and ritual instructions.
This talisman is a wonderful example of the ancient art of astrological magic, authentically and beautifully made!
The VERY LAST! gold plated silver Picatrix House based Fountain of Wealth talisman for, "money in great quantities and good fortune in all undertakings," is sold out as of August 20, 2012. Silver Triple Tree Talisman was made using the same recipe at a different casting.
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