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missing person

This is the chart and actual analysis as given to the client who asked about a missing acquaintance. The client requested that any identifying information be removed. Note that this is a rare use of the asked, rather than received chart. In this case the client was quite familiar with horary.

Question: Where is missing person X?
Time Question Asked: 1:37 pm EDT, June 21, 2009
Place Question Asked: Boston, MA

Chart produced by Solar Fire

The meaning of the astrological factors are fully explained in the analysis below.

Astrological Factors Considered:

In this chart 10 Libra rises and it is Mars hour. The chart is not radical/rooted, but we can get an accurate answer. As Libra rises the missing person is signified by Venus. CA 151. Venus is highly dignified by sign and triplicity in the 8th house of death. The Moon signifies action and is peregrine in the 9th house. The 8th of death is ruled by Venus. Venus, significator of the missing person, has separated by 4 minutes from Mars, in detriment. Venus trines Saturn. The Moon squares Saturn and trines Jupiter.

The fact that Venus, significator of the missing person is well dignified is a positive indication. On the other hand, Venus is also the ruler of the 8th. Now this almost always is the case when Libra rises, but it becomes significant since the possibility of death must be seen as strong in this question given the circumstances. Lilly says that if the ruler of the 1st here Venus, is in the 8th this is an indication of death. Christian Astrology page 404. We note that Venus has just separated but only by a few minutes from Mars, the lesser malefic, quite afflicted, natural ruler of violence and ruler of the 7th of enemies and romantic partners. Mars is also in the 8th.
The Moon, significator of action makes a square, a negative aspect, to Saturn, the greater malefic, natural ruler of death, who is conjunct the cusp of the 12th house of affliction, self undoing and secret enemies. The indications are somewhat mixed here given the strong dignity of Venus, significator of the missing person. Still her presence in the 8th of death, rulership of the 8th and conjunction with afflicted Mars are indicative of death.
An earth sign on the 8th would indicate an accident or fall, Mars shows violence, falls, or gunshot. Christian Astrology page 645. The 8th house being succedent would indicate that she is not too far away. Taurus indicates "Stables where Horses are, low Houses, Houses where the implements of Cattle are laid up, Patures or Feeding grounds where no Houses are neer, plain grounds, or where Bushes have bin latley grub'd up, and Wherein Wheat and Corn is sowed, some little Tree not far off, in Houses, Sellars, low Rooms." CA 94. An earth sign could also indicate being buried.
While I can't rule out a positive outcome given the strength of Venus, otherwise the chart is rather ominous and points towards death.


The missing person was dead and their body found about 20 miles away in a swampy, wooded area. "Friends" of the missing person were charged with their murder.

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