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King or Parliament? 1644

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Charles I
Charles I


Example Chart


William Lilly's

Anglicus 1646

This example horary chart and delineation comes from William Lilly's Anglicus 1646, an almanac for 1646 published in London in 1645, in the thick of the English Civil War. You can find the complete Anglicus on my Renaissance Astrology CD Library #IV, Lots of Lilly with over 50 books by and about the most famous traditional horary astrologer.
Lilly was a supporter of Parliament, though after the restoration he claimed that he had always personally supported King Charles. Here is a very interesting political horary question from Anglicus 1646 at page 48:

Horary from Anglicus 1646
Anglicus 1646 Horary
"The querent is signified by the Moon, and she being strong in the ascendant, and the question asked in London, did signifie the place wherein he then was in, was most safe to adide in; her separation from square of Saturn, did tell me the Gentleman was much afflicted in minde, and had strong conflicts within himselfe which way to dispose his affairs: her application to a square of the Sun, did make me confident to tell him, his affection was wholly for Oxford, and he strongly resolved to be gone;

I dehorted his going, having sufficient grounds in Art for my judgement; for finding Mercury and the South Node in the tenth, and the Sun and Saturn in the eleventh, I made it appear how his Majesties designes were betrayed and his cause sinking; and his own losses would be infinite great, even to his utter impoverishment, if he declined not his present resolution &c. I might deliver more, but let it suffice, the advice was not followed wholly or scarce at all, by which eight or ten thousand pounds are elapsed out of his estate. FINIS."

Anglicus 1646 at page 48, Renaissance Astrology CD Library
The chart below shows the corresponding chart in Solar Fire, London for April 13, 1644 (this is New Style, ie Gregorian calendar, rather than the Old Style Julian calendar, 11 days ahead, that would have be used at the time). At 8:55 am, 8 Cancer rises. There are discrepancies, but nothing very major.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

Let's take a look at Lilly's delineation. First he looks to the ruler of the 1st house, the Moon to signify the querent. Since the Moon is in Cancer the querent is well dignified. Since the Moon is well dignified and in the 1st house Lilly takes this as meaning he is better off in London, his current location than with the King, who is currently in Oxford. This is what the reference to Oxford later means. In Christian Astrology at 212-4. Here Lilly assigns the current location as 4th house, in this chart ruled by Mercury in detriment and fall, and 7th house for potential location, in this case, ruled by Saturn in fall. However, I have personally found, like Lilly, that the Ascendant and 1st ruler can also signify the current location.
Lilly goes on to say the the Moon separating from Saturn shows that the querent was worried, which appears to be because Saturn is the natural significator of fear and melancholy and the aspect is a square, a negative aspect. Lilly then goes on to say that the square of the Moon to the Sun shows the querent wanted to go to Oxford. First of all, Oxford was the headquarters of King Charles and the Sun is the natural ruler of kings. Christian Astrology at 71. My guess is that the applying aspect of the Moon is what impelled Lilly to say that the querent would choose to go to the King, despite it being a negative aspect.
Lilly then says that Mercury and the South Node in the 10th and the Sun and Saturn in the 11th show problems for the King. The 10th house signifies kings, Christian Astrology at 55, and the 11th the king's friends, counselors, money and allies, Christian Astrology at 56. Mercury being in detriment and fall is obviously an affliction as is the South Node. Saturn in fall is afflicted, but why the Sun, exalted in Aries and dignified by triplicity, in the 11th, is a problem I am not sure, other than the Sun, already proud, being exalted, shows someone extremely proud and arrogant, which certainly characterizes Charles I.
The financial losses of the querent can be seen in the Moon, ruler of the 2nd, being squared by the Sun, significator of the King. Very interesting chart and always useful to see our master Lilly in action!
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