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Saturn Talisman
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I am very pleased to be able to offer SUPER +7 Saturn planetary hour white bronze talismans with the planetary table of Saturn for long life, determination, astrology, magic, sorcery and necromancy and the most secret and occult philosophy.
These talismans are very special as they cast precisely at the astrologically auspicious time for Saturn according to the rules of traditional (pre-1700) astrology and the key sources of ancient astrological magic. You can see the chart of their creation below. This particular election has produced the strongest Saturn talismans I have ever had and which are close to being the most powerful possible Saturn talismans.
I also have Silver Saturn +9 Dragon talismans, Silver Saturn +9 Table talismans as well as Bronze Saturn +7 Dragon Talismans.
Copyright Nigel Jackson 2008
Talisman Back

Copyright Nigel Jackson 2008
Saturn Image included
The front of the talisman. which you can see above contains, in the middle, the planetary table of Saturn in Hebrew which the Renaissance mage Cornelius Agrippa, says, " doth help to bring forth, or birth, and to make a man safe, and powerfull, and to cause success of petitions with princes, and powers" Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Bk II, ch 22.
On top of the planetary table is the Hebrew, AB, the divine name corresponding to Saturn and the number 3. At the top of the outer ring is the number 45, associated with Saturn, to the left is the Hebrew for Agiel, the Intelligence of Saturn. On the right is the Hebrew for the extended name of Jehovah, the Great Name of God, in the Kabbalistic world of Yetzirah. At the bottom is the number 15, also associated with Saturn.
On the back of the talisman which you can see to right, at the top is the seal of Saturn then below the sigil of the Intelligence of Saturn and at the bottom the standard planetary symbol for Saturn. Around the outside is a Latin phrase that says, "O, Lord grant my petition."
Saturn is the premier planet of long life and longevity, the master of esoteric knowledge and occult philosophy and the co-ruler with Mercury of astrology and magic. The Picatrix says that Saturn rules,

"...profound sciences, and in the science of laws and seeking out the causes and roots of things and their effects, and speaking of miracles and understanding deep and secret qualities."

Picatrix, Bk III, ch. 1, Greer & Warnock trans.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The elected time and date for the talismans is 11:13 am MDT on August 19, 2012 for Boulder, CO where the talismans were cast. At this time Saturn culminates, it is the planetary hour of Saturn and Saturn is greatly dignified by exaltation (+4) and triplicity (+3)! An essential dignity score of +5 is very good and this election has +7!!! A true SUPER Saturn talisman!
I am pleased to offer these amazing white bronze Saturn talismans. The talismans are 1 5/16s inches in diameter and weigh 15 grams, a bit more than than half an ounce. White bronze is composed of 61% copper, 18% manganese, 16% zinc, 2% beryllium, 2% nickel and 1% lead. They come with a Nigel Jackson Saturn color image and full consecration instructions These talismans are a wonderful example of the ancient art of astrological magic, authentically and beautifully made!
Saturn Table
White Bronze Talisman
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Saturn Table
White Bronze Talisman
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The Super +7 Saturn planetary hour planetary table white bronze talismans for long life, success, magic, astrology, sorcery and occult philosophy is no longer available as of May 25, 2016.
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Please note that no returns will be accepted nor refunds made for Saturn talismans.