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Here is an example of a Soul Mate Reading looking at both a horary question and the client's birth chart reading using traditional astrological methods to illuminate short and lifelong patterns, both positive and negative.
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Horary Question: When will I meet my soulmate?
Time Question Received & Understood: 2:34 pm EDT, August 8, 2007
Place Question Received & Understood: Washington, D.C. 77 W 55 38 N 55

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

Horary Reading Astrological Factors:

In this chart 24 Scorpio rises and it is Mercury hour. The chart is not radical/rooted but we can get an accurate answer from it. As Scorpio rises you are signified by Mars, who is peregrine and thus weak in the 7th house of relationships. Mars is conjunct the fixed star Alcyone, of the Pleiades Cluster, the Weeping Sisters.
The Moon signifies action and is also peregrine and weak in the 8th house. The potential relationship/marriage is signified by the ruler of the 7th house Venus, who is currently dignified by triplicity, but in fall and about to go into Leo, losing both dignity and debility. Venus is also retrograde. The Moon applies to sextile Saturn. Mars, your significator, separates from a square of Venus, significator of potential relationships and applies to an opposition of Jupiter. Venus applies to a conjunction of Saturn and squares the Ascendant, your house.

Mars, your significator, is weak, making it hard to accomplish your purpose. Mars is appropriately placed in the 7th house of relationships/marriage indicating that you are more interested in having a relationship than your potential significant others. Venus, significator of potential relationships, is currently both dignified and afflicted, though somewhat more afflicted than dignified. Actually it looks as if you have just come out of a unsuccessful relationship. Venus, significator of relationships, separates (past action) from a square (negative aspect indicating troubles and even arguments) from Mars, your significator.
n addition, Mars, your significator, has just left Taurus, the sign of Venus, indicating that you left the other person's influence. Venus, significator of the potential relationship, is also about to change signs, again showing change with regard to relationships. Since Venus is retrograde, it looks like this relationship was moving in the wrong direction and since Venus is both dignified and afflicted, that it had advantages and disadvantages, but the negatives outweighed the positives.
Since the timing in a horary goes out about 6-12 months, this past relationship is what is showing up on the romantic "radar" so to speak. Since the Moon will eventually change signs and gain dignity and then sextile Venus, we might see some additional positive contact with the old relationship but this is likely to be more along the lines of a rebound situation rather than being able to start it up again.
Now let's look at your birth chart.

Natal data: 5:12 pm EDT, July 2 1964 Paramus, NJ

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5


Astrological Factors Considered

Taurus, more fertile than barren sign on 7th house

Ruler of the 7th Venus, in barren sign, retrograde, peregrine, conjunct 8th house cusp, sextile Moon, conjunct Mars

Sun, in fertile sign, peregrine, in 8th

Mars, in barren sign, dignified by face, in 7th

Part of Marriage, 11 Leo, barren sign, 9th house, sextile Mars, square Jupiter, trine Moon

Natal Analysis:

One to two marriages/committed relationships, indications of separation or divorce, but indications of harmony and agreement as well. Difficulty in marriage/relationships, problems with inappropriate partners. Husband/partner serious, hardworking, intelligent, generous.

Final Analysis:

Looking at the horary chart and the natal chart my sense is that you are not likely to be able to begin a new committed relationship/marriage in the next year, but that despite the difficulties indicated in your natal chart that eventual marriage is not out of the question.

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If you have any additional questions about the Soulmate Reading take a look at the main Soul Mate Reading page or please Contact me. If you would like to learn more about traditional astrology and astrological magic you may also find my Astrological Magic Full Course or Lunar Mansions Mini-Course and discussion group, Spiritus Mundi to be of interest.


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