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Black Mirror of Lilith

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Lilith by Rosetti





The Black Mirror of Lilith was my one and only foray into demonic magic. It did not end well.
The figure of Lilith is a fascinating one with a long history. The earliest accounts of Lilith are not as an individual, but as a type of spirits, the lilitu, Sumerian storm spirits, associated with night, desert, illness and sexual excess. In Jewish legend and Kabbalistic lore Lilith was the first wife of Adam who refused to submit to him, was cast out and became a destroyer of children. There is an interesting association with Lilith and mirrors in Jewish folklore, where all mirrors are seen as gateways to the realm of Lilith.
Lilith appears in the Dead Sea Scrolls,

"And I, the Master, proclaim the majesty of his beauty to frighten and ter[rify] all the spirits of the destroying angels and the spirits of the bastards, the demons, Lilith, the howlers (?) and [the yelpers...] they who strike suddenly to lead astray the spirit of understanding and to appal their heart and their... in the age of the domination of wickedness and the appointed times for the humiliation of the sons of ligh[t], in the guilt of the ages of those smitten by iniquity, not for eternal destruction but for the humiliation of sin."

Song for a Sage Vermes translation.
This generally malefic reputation is associated with Lilith in Kabbalistic and in later Christian sources. One of these medieval sources is the Munich Handbook of Necromany Clm 849, edited with a commentary by Richard Kieckhefer in Forbidden Rites (UPenn, 1997). Munich Handbook of Necromany is the "recipe book" of a fifteen century German magician, likely according to Kieckhefer, a priest or lesser cleric. It consists of specific instructions for evocations of spirits and for accomplishing acts of illusion, domination and love and divination.
The Mirror of Lilith or "Lylet" as the Munich Handbook of Necromany states, is meant to be used for divination in particular divination to do with detecting crime, but also with a more general orientation. Here is a translation of the First Mirror of Lilith section from the Munich Handbook of Necromany

First Mirror of Lilith

This is the first mirror of Lilith and of her powers/husbands that are her chief warriors. And the mirror ought to be made specifically for the purpose of their images, and having in mind all the names of their servants, who, as you know, made the things before Cain in the purest place.

Lilith Mirror
Image for Mirror of Lilith
I conjure you, demons, that you will come and swear an oath and answer whatever question I will ask with perfect truth. in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Christ + conquered these same + Balbiet + Zelans, Zelles, Dimidero, Cadar, you who each day rise among the stars of heaven where are the three (unknown word: "dogie") of the Cross, and the swift deeds or strokes in the four points of the world, to accomplish all my will in them, through God, where it be acceptable and lawful and speakable, without terror and without any of the unspeakable powers of ever-living Deity, in the true virtue of God, we do call you forth, Lylet, by the office of your father Arieth and by that oath that your mother Nocma spoke to you, that in your own image, and not in the form of a crow, you will converse and be present with us in whatever hour we do summon you into this mirror, that peacefully and humbly and without any deformity you will show yourself to me, and furthermore that two or more of your servants, in any theft or murder or any other doubtful matter, shall give true answers to me, by the power and obedience of God.

Now the mirror ought to be made in the shape of a round shield, or some other way that you may prefer. On the rim thereof, paint the following names: Deus Sanctus, Deus Omnipotens, Deus Fortis, Deus Immortalis, Pater Futuri Saeculi (God the Holy, God the Omnipotent, God the Strong, God the Immortal, Father of the Age to Come). And around the two upper sides the greater seal of Solomon is painted, at the bottom end of the shield the lesser seal of Solomon, and in the middle of the mirror this name Lylet is painted, just as is shown in the figure given below. Thereafter, frame it in the same way as any other glass or mirror. Once this is done, take it silently and secretly to a crossroads or to the sepulcher of some murdered person, in the evening dusk, on a day of Mars or Saturn, and say this conjuration:

Lilith Mirror
Black Mirror of Lilith
I conjure you, Lylet, and your companions, by Alpha and Omega, by the first and the very last, Abiel, Rotbons, Cafre, O God, O suffering Christ most renowned, On, Eli, Elion, Messias, Sabaoth, Adonai, Emmanuel;

I conjure you likewise, Lylet, and your companions, by the annunciation of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by His nativity, and by the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, that in whatever hour I call you, you shall appear to me in this mirror with your companions, and show me truly a response or sign of that thing which I shall wish to know.

This oration being finished, return home by another route. Thereafter, at the same hour and day, go to the crossroad and take the mirror with you, and when you want to know about anything uncertain, you may compell the same spirit to come by reciting the conjuration. Ask what you wish, and they shall tell you. Etc.

Munich Handbook of Necromany fol. 42r "Forbidden Rites", Kieckhefer (UPenn 1989) at 242-3, translation by John Michael Greer.
The Mirror of Lilith might best be described as "Goetic" in character. While not technically Goetic as Lilith does not appear in the Goetia, traditional sources are generally in agreement in labeling magic involving Lilith as malefic. Now modern sources differ and modern magicians can disagree, all I can say is that my personal experience with Lilith and this mirror was quite negative.
Following the instructions in the Munich Necromantic Handbook, I created three of these black mirrors of Lilith. I did no consecration, simply etched the mirrors. The first two came off without a hitch. About 10 seconds after etching the 3rd mirror, however, I became violently ill with the worst vertigo attack I have ever suffered. I could not get off the floor for about 8 hours due to spins and vomiting. I finally got up and took the mirror to a crossroads and buried it for 24 hours. Then uncovered it, broke it and reburied it. This sufficed to break the magical connection. Definitely the most negative magical experience of my life! What was amusing was that after relating this, I got many e-mails asking how to buy Lilith mirrors!



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