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Mercury Oration Astromagia

Alphonso X ruled the central Spanish kingdom of Castile in the 13th century. Alphonso was know as the Wise because he fostered the translation of many works from Arabic, including books on philosophy, science and the esoteric arts of astrology and magic, as well as introducing the first law code in Spanish and writing poetry in Galician.

Alphonso the Wise was particularly interested in astrology and astrological magic and had many texts translated from the Arabic of the Islamic civilization of the Middle East which was much more advanced and sophisticated than Europeans. The most famous text to be translated from Arabic at his court was Picatrix, but the less well known but also important astrological magic grimoire Astromagia was also translated.

Like Picatrix, Astromagia contains many astrological talismans, but the only extant manuscript of Astromagia is Vatican Library Reg. lat. 1283 which is somewhat fragmentary and incomplete, but contains many interesting talismans.

Here is a table of contents of Astromagia:

Book I, Attributed to Pythagoras

The Book of 360 Degrees of the Signs
The Degrees of Taurus
The Degrees of Gemini
The Degrees of Cancer
The Degrees of Libra
The Degrees of Virgo
The Degrees of Libra
The Degrees of Scorpio
The Degrees of Sagittarius

Book II: The Book of the Decans

The Decans of Leo
The Decans of Virgo

Heaven of Mars Astromagia

Book III, the Book of the Moon

Talismans of the Moon
The Zodiologion of Kankaf the Hindu: the 28 Mansions of the Moon
The Zodiologion of Pliny: the 28 Mansions of the Moon
The Zodiologion of the Hindus: the 28 Mansions of the Moon
The Zodiologion of Hermes: The star patterns of the 28 Mansions of the Moon

Book IV, Attributed to Aristotle

The Book of the Talismans of the 12 Signs
Talismans of Aries
Talismans of Taurus

Book V, The Book of Mars

The Images of Mars
The Sigils of Mars
The Sphere of Mars
On Precognition

Book VI: The Book of Mercury

General Invocations
Invocation of the Signs
Mercury in the Signs
Rings of Mercury

Heaven of Mars Astromagia

Astromagia Talismans

I am pleased to present the Bronze Astromagia 24th Mansion of the Moon talisman for esoteric knowledge and occult wisdom.

The instructions for this talisman come from Astromagia Book III, Zodiologion of Kankaf the Hindu which states of the 24th Mansion,

"...inscribe in it the figure of a man in thought with a book open in his hands, and [inscribe] the name of the lord of the mansion. And suffumigate with the suffumigation [of the mansion] and pray by the name [of the lord of the mansion], to give you intelligence and understanding in all sciences; carry it with you, and so shall it be. The name [of the lord of the mansion] is Zahledo; the suffumigation is olive leaves."

Selected Translations

Here are Astromagia translations:

Selected talismans from Astromagia Liber Luna

Astromagia Natal Mansions of the Moon

Also my Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course and full Astrological Magic Course contain the Zodiologion of Kankaf the Hindu, and the Zodiologion of Pliny and the Zodiologion of the Hindus, three complete sets of talisman instructions for the 28 Mansions of the Moon.