Astromagia: Liber Luna

Selected Moon Talisman Translations

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Introduction to Astromagia

Astromagia was originally written in Arabic and like Picatrix translated at the court of Alphonso the Wise of Castile in the late 13th century. Like Picatrix Astromagia contains many astrological talismans, but the only extant manuscript of Astromagia is Vatican Library MS Reg. lat. 1283 is somewhat fragmentary and incomplete.

The translations below come from the Liber Luna "the Book of the Moon" in Book III of Astromagia. The illustrations of the Liber Luna begin with the 28 Mansions of the Moon above and several examples of a magician making lunar talismans or the talismans themselves. Interestingly enough these talismans are made as statutettes, in the form or likeness of the person the mage wishes to affect with the talisman.

Moon Talisman Translations from Astromagia

Astromagia Book III: Liber Luna

Mage Creating Talisman

And if you make a talisman of the Moon in stone in the likeness of one whom the Luna was ruling in their nativity, in the day and hour of the Moon in the second phase of her waning, if you wish to give the talisman to them, those that have Mars ruling in their nativity will wish bad things to happen to him and will hate him.

Another image, for grace and love to come from the king

Make a silver image in the form of the one you want, the Moon in her exaltation and Cancer rising, with the Moon fortunate and safe from the malefics, and if it were the day and hour of the Moon, it would be even better. Because the Moon moves so quickly, this image is a powerful guardian of great subtlety for maintaining your prestige and position [with the king]. And write on the breast of the image the figure of the Moon and on the head the name of the one for whom it was made.

Another image of the Moon, according to Raziel, is to bring peace and harmony between two

This image is of the Moon and it is to be made on Monday in hour of the Moon and when the sign of the Moon rises, which is Cancer [when] this occurs in the month of June and July, [make the] image in silver or tin or white wax. And this image is for great good love and for concord.

And inscribe on the image the name of the Angel and of the wind and his helpers that serve the Moon and her sign Cancer. The angel [of the Moon] is Gabriel and his helpers Michael, Samiel. These are the names of the winds that serve Cancer [are] Hebetel, Halmitab; and their assistants are Bylol, Milalu, Abuzoba.

And conjure [the angels with] this conjuration: "I conjure you, angels that you are according to the seal of the Moon, by these. names: Camoha. Ramoha Heyehyl, Cefaha, Safaha, Cassel, Naca. And I conjure by the honor of God that you fulfill my request and do no other work, but go ahead and add this to what you have accomplished.

I pray, Gabriel, with your assistants Michael, Samiel, and I conjure you, Habetel Almutab and with your assistants Bibol, Milalu, Abuzoba, by the virtue of the Creator, that you do not leave this demand until it is finished." This image should be buried [where those you wish to affect] pass.

Another image of the Moon according to Tycana's saying

The image of the Moon is made on the day of the Moon, the Moon being at the beginning of Cancer and it is good for many [things] that we will explain: and the Moon is not in the first half of Cancer on Monday give up [and don't create the talisman] as we have said.

So begin your work and the work of all these images [with the Moon] at the beginning of Cancer and in the hours [of the Moon] and with heavens in a good state and [considering] the placement of the planets.

And by doing this the image of the planet is fixed on the date of the [creation] of the image and the planet that is the ruler and governor will give its virtue and that virtue will be durable and will last as long as the image made on that date.

And this is similar to a man's birth in which the ascendant and the twelve houses and the state of the Heavens and the state of the stars and of the planets in it, in that way the any of the planets that are the ruler then will rule the [native] and give him their [virtues] throughout his life.

And in this way the planet that is the lord and ruler when images are made will always give [its virtue] and when an image made for destruction, things will be destroyed by the planet that is the ruler.

This image of the Moon is beneficial for corn and the trees and all the plants and the movement of water….

Another image of the day of the Moon, it is for love

Lunar Talisman

Make this image of silver or white wax and wash in water; it is a benefic image, which belongs to Moon. And the angels who rule this image are Gabriel, Szamahel and Michael.

And when you want to put love between two, make it in the hour of the Moon and in the month of July, when the Moon is in Cancer, and in the month of May, when the Moon is in Pisces. The king who commands this image is Abdala the honored one and his servants are Baylul and Maylalu and Ebuzoba.

And the conjuration of the image is as follows:

"I conjure you angels that are placed over the characters of the Moon, by these numbers and names, Namoz, Heyeyl, Caffaa, Bassal, Nacha, Cana, also Calta, Cahala, and by the power of the Creator, answer the one who calls you, answer me, because I call you and command you, and you will be forgiven your sins. Answer, O Gabriel and Esmahel and you Michael, I conjure by these above-mentioned names that you do as I command in this mirror or in this image"