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Astrological Elections for Herbal Medicine
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Herbal Medicine Elections
from Medicina Magnetica

Astrological Elections for Herbal Medicine
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Preparation of Medicines

Of the time as well of the gathering, as of the application of these medicines

Chapter 7

Medicina Magnetica

C de Irygnio

Begin Page 66

Iwill not enter in general disputation against then, who in dispute of experience, deny all Astrological elections, it is enough at present to suppose them profitable; for that which is confirmed by authority of so many learned men, need not our Argument: for indeed Herbs do not at all times possess the same qualities or vertues; for sometimes more, sometimes nothing at all:
Medieval Illustration
The most profitable of all are they, which having a signature, are then gathered when the signature is most apparent; and the Moon in such a sign as governs the members signed, especially the planet that is Lord of the plants being in his essential dignities and beholding them more favorably,and let the Moon and the Lord of the Plant be both free; the Moon having dominion of the plant or the sixth house, and take heed that the Moon be not joyned to any ill planets that are retrograde.
Those things that have their signature in the root, must be gathered in the Autumn, but if they have the signature of the disease, they must be gathered when the Planet, Lord of the disease, is weak, in a cadent house, and the Lord of the Planet fortified. The Medicines taken from Men, gather as soon as they come out of the living body and keep them in a vessel well shut, till time require.
But yet if thou canst fit the Moon and the Planet that is Lord of the part, if thou intend not for a particular operation, but for a general, make [a] fortunate [in the] ascendant, and in the sixth house; if you cannot at the least let him be a friend by aspect to the house...

Begin Page 67


Now if you seek the time of application generally, take it thus; All application of these remedies...ought to be done, the Moon being in a sign convenient, fortunate, it may be in the tenth house, and the Lord of the Planet of the medicine exalted above the Lord of the disease...


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