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Weddings have traditionally been one of the most popular events to choose or "elect" astrologically. Using electional astrology allows us to align ourselves with the cycles in the Heavens that control events here on Earth.
A wedding is one of the most important events in many people's lives. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, kings and nobles frequently sought the advice of astrologers in choosing times for a wedding. Now these ancient techniques are available to you. Picking an appropriate time for a wedding can help ensure the continuation and success of the marriage.

Choosing Astrologically Auspicious Times for a Wedding


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Choosing an astrologically auspicious time is called an election. Note that due to the constant changes in the Heavens, the large number of astrological factors considered and the precision of traditional astrology, that elections consist not of a "lucky day", but of an exact time range, e.g. 2:23-3:34 pm, on a particular day.
To elect for a wedding we look first to the planets that rule the first and seventh houses and represent the groom and bride to be. We wish to see these planets in a good Zodiacal state and making an applying sextile or trine with reception. We would also wish to see them placed in good houses. Similarly, we look to the ruler of the tenth house which indicates whether or not they are compatible and will get along well and the ruler of the fourth house which signifies the outcome, for good or ill, of the wedding. We would like see see these house rulers well fortified and in good houses.
We also look to particular planets. For a wedding as in any election, we would wish to see the Moon, the significator of action, strong and in a good house. Mercury has natural signification of children in a wedding election and if he is well dignified and in aspect with Venus or Jupiter this indicates that they will soon have a child. Venus, the Goddess of Love, is, of course, of great importance in a wedding. As William Ramesey says in his Astrologia Restaurata, "...for it is impossible that the marriage be good where Venus is impotent or afflicted; neither can it be very bad if she be strong and well aspected of the Fortunes; for in Marriages she is the chief significatrix." William Ramesey, Astrologia Restaurata (London, 1653) page 176.
Finally, for the best results the astrologer needs to consult the birth charts of both parties. This ensures that malefic planets in the birth chart are not chosen as significators in the election and assists the astrologer in choosing the appropriate time. Those married at an inauspicious time should not despair as their natal charts will make a considerable difference in the success of the marriage. In addition, this is an area where Astrological Magic can be of assistance and Talismans for Love & Marriage are available.

How to get a Wedding Election


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To get a wedding election, first Order Here. For wedding elections I recommend the one hour option as the timing of marriage often needs to be revised and it is cheaper to get several alternatives at once, rather than re-ordering repeatedly.
Once you have ordered, Contact me and let me know:
  1. What is the location (city, state, or city and country) of the wedding?
  2. What date range is available? (next 30 days, next 90 days, etc.)
  3. What days are available? (Monday-Friday, weekends, any day, etc.)
  4. What times are available? (9am-5pm, any time, etc.)
Please be very careful to provide me with accurate information. Once I have done your electional analysis, you will need to pay for additional electional analyses if you need a new election because you have given me inaccurate information, the situation changes, or if you change your mind. Please keep in mind that I use traditional Western astrology which is different from the modern astrology that you may be used to. I do not engage in arguments or justify my methodology. You will need to be willing to accept my expertise if you order an election because I will not re-do elections, find new dates or look at additional elections because clients are dissatisfied with the astrological conditions in an election. I am happy to discuss the practical implementation of elections, but will not provide any further explanation of astrological technique beyond what is given in the initial reading.


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