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Guardian Angel


Cornelius Agrippa

Book Three, Chapter Twenty Six

Of finding out of the names of spirits, and Genius's from the disposition of Celestiall bodies.

Medieval Image
The ancient Magicians did teach an art of finding out the name of a spirit to any desired effect, drawing it from the disposition of the heaven; as for example, any Celestiall Harmonie being proposed to thee for the making an image or ring, or any other work to be done under a certain constellation;
Iif thou will finde out the spirit that is the ruler of that work; the figure of the heaven being erected, cast forth letters in their number and order from the degree of the ascendent, according to the succession of signes through each degree by filling the whole circle of the heaven: then those letters which fall into the places of the Stars the aid whereof thou wouldest use, being according to the number, and powers of those Stars, marked without into number, and order, make the name of a good spirit: but if thou shalt do so from the beginning of a degree falling against the progresse of the signes, the resulting spirit shall be evil.
By this art some of the Hebrew and Caldean masters teach that the nature, and name of any Genius may be found out; as for example, the degree of the ascendent of any ones, nativity being known, and the other corners of the heaven being Coequated, then let that which had the more dignities of Planets in those four corners which the Arabians call Almutez, be first observed amongst the rest: and according to that in the second place, that which shall be next to it in the number of dignities, and so by order the rest of them, which obtain any dignitie in the foresaid corners: this order being used, thou maist know the true place, & degree of them in the heaven,
Beginning from the degree of the ascendent through each degree according to the order of the signs to cast 22. of the letters of the Hebrews; Then what letters shall fall into the places of the aforesaid Stars, being marked, and disposed according to the order found out above in the Stars, & rightly joyned together according to the rules of the Hebrew tongue, make the name of a Genius: to which, according to the custome, some Monosyllable name of Divine omnipotency, viz. El, or Iah is subjoyned.
But if the casting of the letters be made from an angle of the falling, and against the succession of signs, and the letters which shall fall in the Nadir (that is the opposite point) of the aforesaid Stars, be after that order as we said, joyned together, shall make the name of an evil Genius.
Medieval Image
But the Chaldeans proceed another way; for they take not the Almutez of the corners, but the Almutez of the eleventh house, and do in all things as hath been said. Now they finde out an evil Genius from the Almutez of the angle of the twelfth house, which they call an evil spirit, casting from the degree of the falling against the progress of the signs.
There are also the Arabians, and many others, and some Hebrews, who finde out the name of a Genius by the places of the five Hylegians, and making projection alwayes from the beginning of Aries, and the letters being found out according to the order of Hylegians with the Astrologers, being reduced into a known order, and being joyned together, make the name of a good Genius: but they draw the name of an evil Genius from the opposite Hylegian places, projection being made from the last degree of Pisces against the order of signs.
But other some do not take the places of Hylegians, but the places of Almutez upon the five Hylegians making projection from an Horoscope, as abovesaid: and these names being thus distributed according to the proportioned numbers to the Starry account, compacted or joyned, and changed letters, although unknown in sound, and significative,
We must of necessity confess may do more by the secret of the chiefest Philosophy in a magick work, then significative names, whilest the mind being astonished at the obscurity of them, and deeply intent, firmly believing that something Divine is under it, doth reverently pronounce these words, and names, although not understood, to the glory of God, captivating himself with a spirituall affection of piety, in the obedience of him.


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