Bronze First Face - First Decan of Libra Talisman

Justice, Truth, Rights: Help Weak Against the Strong & Evil

1st Libra Face Talisman Talisman Front


Renaissance Astrology is very pleased to be able to offer these authentic bronze talismans of the First Face/Decan of Libra for justice, right and truth, of helping the weak against the strong and the wicked and of the helping the poor and miserable. These limited edition talismans were actually created and consecrated under precisely chosen astrological conditions listed see below.

The faces or decans are 10 degree subdivisions of the signs with three faces or decans for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Each decan/face is ruled by a planet. Western/Arabic face rulership, commonly used in traditional horary, electional and natal astrology uses the Chaldean Order of the planets, beginning with Mars ruling the first face of Aries. Thus the second face of Aries is ruled by the Sun and the third by Venus. The first face of Taurus is thus ruled by Mercury and so on throughout the rest of the Zodiac.

The faces are very ancient and from their earliest use they have been associated with particular gods and spirits and their images. This images have also long been used in astrological magic. I have a special Decan-Face Mini-Course which teaches the complete traditional astrological magic use of the decan/faces. The Decan-Face Mini-Course is included in the full Astrological Magic Course.

The Renaissance astrologer Johannes Angelus says, "The 1st face is of the Moon and is a face of justice, right and truth, of succoring the weak against the strong and the wicked and of the helping the poor and miserable." Astrolobium Planum1488. The image for the talisman comes from the Renaissance mage Giordano Bruno who says, "The first face of Libra shows a man examining a book, holding a dagger or a stylus..." De Umbris Idearum.

We can see on the front of the talisman the image of a man with an open book, note the symbol of libra, holding a dagger. On the back in the center is the sigil of the 1st Face of Libra, on the left is the Moon ruler of the 1st Face of Libra and on the right the symbol of Libra. Around the edge are the goals of the talisman: Justice, Right, Truth and Helping the Weak Against the Strong.

17th Mansion back
Talisman Back

3rd Mansion chart

The 1st Face of Libra talismans were created with the conditions shown for 7:26 am, December 27, 2021 in Islamabad, Pakistan. These conditions are that the Moon, ruler of the 1st Face of Libra is in the 1st Face of Libra and the Sun rises on Monday at Moon hour.

I am pleased to offer these beautiful golden bronze talismans of the 17th Mansion. They are 1.5 inches in diameter and weigh 21 grams. Golden bronze is 98% copper and 2% alloy. There may be casting flaws or variation in surface detail.
The talismans were created and consecrated with the conditions listed above and come with a chain to wear as a pendant.. All Renaissance Astrology talisman are consecrated when created to call the celestial angels/spirits into them. We recommend an additional personal consecration to introduce yourself to the angels/spirits and bring the power of the talisman to you. The talisman comes with a color image for consecration plus an information booklet with full personal consecration instructions.


1st Face Libra Talisman
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1st Face Libra Talisman
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The bronze First Face of Libra talismans for justice, right and truth, helping the weak against the strong are $299.95 plus $19.95 US shipping or $85 non-US shipping. For non-US shipping Contact me to see if there is a less expensive shipping alternative for your country.

Please note that while many clients are happy with their talismans, check out the talisman testimonials, some are not and I cannot guarantee exactly what the effects will be for any individual client. There may be casting flaws or variation in surface detail. Because of this and because I cannot resell talismans, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on talismans.

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