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Making Paper Talismans

Making Paper Talismans


There is a long history of making talismans out of paper. For example, in Book I, chapter 18 the Greater Key of Solomon suggests using parchment for talismans, while Cornelius Agrippa also mentions the use of parchment for talismans in Three Books of Occult Philosophy Bk II, chapter 22. However, talismans made of softer materials don't seem to last as long as metal or gemstone talismans, as Marsilio Ficino notes in his Three Books on Life Bk III, chapter 14. Still they are an excellent way to start working with astrological talismans.
The first and most important consideration is making sure that you have a good astrological election (choice of time) for making your talisman. One VERY important consideration is that most talisman elections are location specific and must be adjusted to the exact time, date and place of the making of the talisman. Most of the time JUST ADJUSTING FOR TIME ZONES DOESN'T WORK!!!
So how can you get an accurate traditional astrological election for making a talisman? I periodically provide astrological elections, images and invocations on Spiritus Mundi my discussion group and also through my Facebook page. You can also learn astrological magic through my Courses including the full Astrological Magic Course which teaches the complete practice and theory of Renaissance astrological magic.
A workable election needs to have both a start and stop time. The start time is when all factors needed for the election have all begun. The stop time is when the first necessary factor ends or when an affliction starts. You want your talisman to take on its definitive or final form after the start time, but before the stop time. You also want to start doing your ritual consecration before the stop time, but if you continue past the stop time that is ok, too.
There are various ways to make a paper talisman. If you are an artist you can draw the whole image by hand. You can print out the image in black and white and color it in, you can print out a color image. When I print out a color image I like to add some details in gold or silver metallic ink. You can add symbols and sigils appropriate for the talisman. Also add your name or the name of the person who will be affected by the talisman and the goal(s) of the talisman. The more creation of the image you can do in between the start and stop time the better. It is ok to print out the black and white image beforehand if you are coloring it in, but it is better to print it out during the election. DO NOT make the entire image beforehand and just consecrate it during the election, this loses all the power of creation during the elected time, which is considerable.
The ritual you use is much more fluid and open personal choice. You can use any appropriate ritual for the star, planet, etc., whose talisman you are making. Do not use a ritual for a different spirit, ie the Hindu goddess Kali for Venus, even if many modern magical practitioners think that every spirit is interchangeable. At a minimum use at least one candle and burn some incense. I tend to use white candles, but you can use colors appropriate to planet or goal you wish to achieve. Similarly with incense, a standard incense like frankincense or stick incense is fine, but you can use incense appropriate to the planet or star. Here are planetary listings that include materials appropriate to the planets and here are fixed star listings for fixed star materials.
For invocations you can use the Hymns of Orpheus or Picatrix Planetary Invocations which you can find in my Secrets of Planetary Ritual.
So have all your talisman materials together, you can set up the candles and incense, and have your paper talisman ready to print or color in. Then when the elected time starts, light the candles and incense, print out or color in your talisman image, add appropriate symbols & sigils, plus your name and goal. Move the completed image back and forth through the smoke of the incense, known as suffumigation, and recite the invocation.



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