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In this regard, Aristotle says in his Treatise that the most important thing to keep in mind when making a talisman, is the effect of the seven moving planets.


Extracts on Planetary Ritual Clothing from Picatrix

The Picatrix or Ghayat al Hikam, the Aim of the Wise, was composed in Arabic in Andalusia around 1000 A.D. It is a key work of medieval and Renaissance astrological magic.
The following extracts deal with the appropriate clothing and ritual dress for invocations of the various planets. We notice that they are a mixture of items actually ruled by the particular planet, e.g. a gold ring as gold is ruled by the Sun, and items appropriate to the persons and professions ruled by the planets. To invoke a planet, we must, in a sense become one of the Children of the Planet.

The Picatrix

Book III, Chapter 3

translated by Christopher Warnock, Esq.

Here follow the colors of the clothing and vestments of the planets. The color of the vestments of Saturn are black and the best [fabric] is wool. The color of Jupiter is green and the best [fabric] is silk. The color of Mars is the flame of fire and the best [fabric] is silk. The color of the Sun is yellow gold and the best [fabric] is silk and yellow gold. The color of Venus is rose colored and the best [fabric] is silk. The color of Mercury is is many mixed colors and the best [fabric] is silk. The color of the Moon is shining white and the best [fabric] is silk or linne

Book III, Chapter 7

Johannes Faust
Saturn: Put on black clothes, namely the cloth used to wrap a corpse and a black cape in the mode of a doctor and black shoes.
Jupiter: Put on yellow and white clothing. Go to a place for your work that is separate, humble and appropriate to hermits or Christians. Put a crystal ring on your finder and wear a white cloak.
Mars: Put on red clothes and wear on your head red linen and silk or put a red hat on your head. Carry a sword on your neck [shoulders?] and protect yourself with all the [arms and armor] you are able and wear a ring in the form of a man about to go to law or a soldier on your finger.
Sun: Put on royal clothing. Silk, mixed with gold and put a gold crown on your head and a gold ring on your finger.
Venus: Put on the first or second styles and the best one is the robe and trappings of a noble Arab man. Wear white clothes and white cotton on your head because this is his [signature or seal]. Another style is that of woman. Wear long clothes of silk and gold mixed, precious and beautiful and on your head place a crown richly adorned with precious stones and pearls and on your hand a gold ring with pearls and on your arms wear bracelets of gold; in your right hand hold a mirror and in your left hand a comb. Put before you a jug of wine and in your clothing place crushed aromatics and odoriferous [incense or scent] in the way that women do.
Mercury: Dress yourself as a notary or scribe and act just as if you were a scribe...Sit in a seat, like the seat of a judge and turn your face towards it [?], with a [book or paper] in your hand looking like your wish to write.
Moon: Prepare yourself in the fashion of a young man and with something that smells good and in your hand have a ring of silver and your movement and work is smooth and elegant and your speech is distinguished, in a good style and to the point.


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