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Copper Venus Necklace

Copper Venus/Spica
The Venus Spica talisman combines the power of the Venus in Libra Talisman and the Spica Talisman and is a copper 1" x 1" pendent with leather cord for $200. To order the Venus/Spica talisman click the PayPal icon to the left. A necklace with emerald chip beads and lapis can be added. Please Contact me for more information.
Please check Currently Available Talismans before ordering as it may not be possible to make your desired talisman at this time.
A Venus talisman,

"[P]rocureth concord, endeth strife, procureth the love of women [and men], conduceth to conception, is good against barreness, causeth ability for generation, dissolves enchantments, and causeth peace between men and women..."

A Spica talisman,

"[C]onferreth riches, and maketh one overcome contentions, it taketh away scarcity and mischief." Three Books of Occult Philosophy Bk. II, Chapter 47, (Tyson ed.) page 395. The Venus Spica talisman also includes Nigel Jackson images of Venus and Spica. To the right is a copper Venus talisman in the form of a necklace with lapis lazuli.



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