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Mansion Tracker
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Mansion Tracker Instructions

Mansion Tracker

Mansion Tracker
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Mansion Tracker Instructions
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Below are complete instructions for Mansion Tracker, easy to use astrological software for Windows 95, 98, Me, XP and Vista that instantly computes the location of the Moon in her 28 Mansions. Here are easy to print text file Mansion Tracker Instructions.
Students of the Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course and the Astrological Magic Course receive Mansion Tracker for free as part of the course.
In order to install and use Mansion Tracker, users need to be able to do basic Windows tasks like creating and naming a new folder, saving an attachment to a particular folder, using zip decompression software, and running a program. Tasks unique to Mansion Tracker are explained below.

Installing Mansion Tracker

Runing Mansion Tracker
Using Mansion Tracker

Location Setting-Set Longitude & Latitude Screen
Predefined US Location Setting
Manual Location Setting

Planetary Hours Screen-Setting the Date
Compute, Print, Write, System Tray, Exit

Installing Mansion Tracker


A link to the file, named is included in your welcome e-mail. Create a new folder called Mansion Tracker in your program files folder and save to the new Mansion Tracker folder.
Unzip to the Mansion Tracker folder. If you do not already have zip decompression software on your computer (it is included with Windows XP, for example) you can download Winzip for free by following this link.
Once you have unzipped run the program setup.exe which has appeared in the Mansion Tracker folder.

Running Mansion Tracker


Go to the Mansion Tracker folder. Run the program MansionTracker.exe. Please note that if you install Mansion Tracker on a laptop you may need to select a default printer, even if you don't intend to print or there may be problems with the program operating at all.

Using Mansion Tracker


When you run Mansion Tracker first the flash screen, then the "About Mansion Tracker" screen will appear. At the bottom of the screen are two buttons. Click "OK" to continue and calculate the Mansions of the Moon. Clicking "Exit" will exit the program.

Mansion Tracker About Screen
Mansion Tracker About Screen

Once you click "OK" you will be taken to the Mansion Tracker main screen.

TPHP Planetary Hours Screen
Mansion Tracker Main Screen

Setting Mansion Tracker for Your Time Zone


When you run Mansion Tracker for the first time you need to set the proper time zone for your location:

Eastern Daylight Time is -4
Eastern Standard Time is -5
Central Daylight Time is -5
Central Standard Time is -6
Mountain Daylight Time is -6
Mountain Standard Time is -7
Pacific Daylight Time is -7
Pacific Standard Time is -8
Alaska Daylight Time is -8
Alaska Standard Time is -9
Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time is -9
Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time is -10

Here are the time zone for some world cities for comparison:
Beijing is +8
Brussels is +1
Buenos Aires is -3
Cairo is +2
Jakarta is +7
London (U.K.) is 0
Los Angeles: -8
Madrid: +1
Melbourne is -10
Mexico City is -6
Moscow is +3
New Delhi is +5.30
New York is -5
Paris is +1
Rome is +1
Sydney is +10
Tokyo is +9
Washington is -5

Check to make sure that the proper Daylight Saving time correction has been selected for your location:

BST British Summer Time +1
IST Irish Summer Time +1
WET Western Europe Time 0
WEST Western Europe Summer Time +1
CET Central Europe Time +1
CEST Central Europe Summer Time, +2
EET Eastern Europe Time +2
EEST Eastern Europe Summer Time +3
MSK Moscow Time +3
MSD Moscow Summer Time +4

AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time +10
AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight Time +11
ACST Australian Central Standard Time +9.5
ACDT Australian Central Daylight Time +10.5
AWST Australian Western Standard Time +8

Finding Mansions with Mansion Tracker


Once you have set the time zone and Daylight Saving Time correction for your location, simply enter the number of days you wish Mansion Tracker to display Mansions for and press the compute button. The time and date when the Moon enters and leaves each Mansion for the number of days selected will be displayed on the left screen using 24 hour "military time" and with the date displayed as year, month and day.

TPHP Planetary Hours Screen
Mansion Tracker Main Screen

For example, on the screen above it indicates that at September 1, 2008 at the very first minute of the day, starting after midnight on August 31, 2008, that the Moon is in the 14th Mansion. At 6:44 am the Moon goes into the 15th Mansion.

Mansion Tracker Print, Exit


Click the "Print" button to print out the current computed planetary hours on your default printer. Please note that if you install Mansion Tracker on a laptop you may need to select a default printer, even if you don't intend to print or there may be problems with the program operating at all.
Click "Exit" to exit the program.


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