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Here is an example of a Compatibility Reading which compares the birth charts of a couple to determine compatibility.
Here is more information about a Compatibility Reading and how to order one. The Complete Relationship Reading includes a Compatibility Reading and and a relationship horary reading.
Renaissance Astrology has many different types of relationship reading. Here's more information on How to Choose a Relationship Reading.


For Querent and X

Querent Birth Chart [note: the querent is the person asking for the reading]
Birth data: 0:34 CET (-1) June 1, 1971 Prague, Czech Republic

Chart produced by Solar Fire

Basic personality analysis:

Practical, detail oriented, down to earth, social, talkative, emotional, affectionate, mystic/esoteric orientation, somewhat nervous, fussy, may nag a bit.

Relationships & Romance

Astrological Factors Considered

Barren sign on 7th house

Ruler of the 7th Mercury, peregrine, in more fertile than barren sign, conjunct Venus, square Mars, trine Moon, conjunct Saturn

Moon in barren sign in 7th house dignified by triplicity

Mars, peregrine, in 12th house, trine Sun, square Venus & Mercury

Sun, peregrine, widely conjunct 4th house cusp, square Moon, trine Mars, opposed Jupiter

Part of Marriage, 14 Pisces, 1st house, sextile Venus, Mercury, opposed Moon


2-3 husbands/committed relationships. 1-2 problematic, 1 more positive. Indications of separation/divorce for 1-2 marriage/relationships. Some problems with finding appropriate partner for marriage/committed relationship. Delays beyond youth in finding marriage/committed relationship. Positive prospects for at least one committed relationship/marriage. Indications both of harmony and disagreement/arguments in marriage/relationships. Ideal partner is Mercurial, intelligent, creative, but practical, down to earth.

X's Birth Chart [X is the person being asked about by the querent]
Birth data: 10:01 pm AEST, May 27, 1975 Sydney, Australia

Chart produced by Solar Fire

Basic personality analysis:

Paradoxical combination, serious one minute and frivolous and flighty the next. Sociable, talkative and yet loving solitude and wanting to be away from people. Can be both cynical and optimistic. An idealist, living moment by moment. Intelligent, talented, creative. Definite dark side to character, devious, lying, suspicious, jealous, disrespectful of women.

Relationships & Romance

Astrological Factors Considered

Barren sign on 7th, Sun ruler of 7th barren planet in common sign, peregrine, in 4th house, conjunct South Node, sextile Mars

Moon, in more barren than fertile sign, in detriment, in 11th house, square Mars

Venus, in fertile sign, dignified by triplicity, in 6th house, square Jupiter, conjunct Saturn

Part of Marriage, 17 Aquarius, conjunct Ascendant, sextile Jupiter


Has difficulty committing to marriage or long term relationship. Has difficulty finding appropriate partners for marriage or committed relationship. Problems and difficulties in marriage/committed relationships. 1-2 marriages/committed relationships. Delay past youth before marriage/committed relationships. Wives/partners may not be faithful. Still, there are some positive indications for marriage/committed relationships.

Chart Comparison

from Lilly's Christian Astrology pages 637-9

Querent Rising Sign = Pisces Ascendant ruler = Jupiter

X Rising Sign = Aquarius Ascendant ruler = Saturn



Both X's and Querent's Suns are in Gemini

Jupiter, ruler of Querent's Ascendant is a friend to X's Ascendant ruler Saturn


X's Ascendant ruler Saturn is in Cancer the exaltation of Querent's Ascendant ruler Jupiter. However, since X's Saturn is in detriment, it annuls the reception and make the quality of the connection between X and Querent detrimental as well.

Querent's Ascendant ruler is a dignified benefic Jupiter and X's Ascendant ruler is an afflicted malefic so Querent love X more than X loves Querent.

Final Compatibility Analysis

Querent is drawn to creative, artistic Mercurial types, particularly ones that are grounded and practical. X is certainly creative and artistic and the strong Saturnine Ascendant appears at first to be positive as it gives practicality and grounding. With Suns in the same sign, Gemini, both Querent and X have their Mercurial talkativeness and sociability in common.

The problem really is with X. He has the strong positive qualities mentioned, creativity and artistic ability, but has a real negative streak to his personality. He is something of a commitment phobe and can be secretive, selfish and devious. His ideal partner is passionate, energetic, aristocratic, perhaps famous, even somewhat domineering. He is looking for someone to raise him out of his depression, to energize him, to give him entrance into fame and glamour.

The combination of selfishness and lack of truthfulness makes it hard to trust. His aversion to commitment is also problematic for relationships. While there are definite connections between you too, the problems are evident as well.


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