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Originally published in Pathways Magazine

Our materialistic society devalues the spiritual, but how often do those of us who strive to be spiritual devalue material things?
After all we do need to have shelter, food and enough money to keep body and soul together. For me it is important to have a balance between the material concerns of the body and the spiritual needs of the soul.
As my spiritual journey progressed I found I could pray and ask for assistance with spiritual matters, but realized that I was embarrassed to ask for help with material matters. Why would God be interested in helping me meet my grocery or dentist's bills? Shouldn't I be focusing on more exalted, less mundane issues?
Virgin of Guadelupe
This reticence is not shared by traditional cultures. We are probably aware of the great devotion that Catholics in Mexico have for the Virgin of Guadelupe, the Tibetans for the Green Tara. Hindus pray to Ganesha, the lord and destroyer of obstacles. Because these traditional cultures do not have such a strong division between spiritual and material, devotees show no compunction in praying for all sorts of assistance.
Another distinction that is less hard and fast in traditional cultures is between religion and magic. Even modern scholars have had a difficult time distinguishing between these two types of spiritual practice. All too often the only difference has been that our culture's beliefs are perceived as religious, true and virtuous, while other cultures or lower class beliefs in our own culture are viewed as false, superstitious and magical.
Green Tara
What I find fascinating about the traditional mix of spiritual and mundane, religion and magic, is that it works! I practice a combination of astrological magic using astrological talismans and New Orleans style hoodoo, the folk magic of the American South. I use traditional (pre-1700) electional astrology to choose auspicious times and create an astrological talisman at that time. As part of the creation of the talisman I burn an appropriate colored candle (e.g., green for money, white for blessings or purple for wisdom) burn incense and pray. Usually I will say a Psalm and I particularly like the 23rd Psalm (The Lord is my Shepherd...).
Over the course of time I can see a clear difference between the periods when I had created a talisman or did daily prayer and when I did nothing. For example, when I created my Moon Talisman for Attracting Clients & Money and asked God for help I received it and the hits on my web site, phone calls and clients increased.
While I had been advised frequently to pray, until I actually tried it I was skeptical that God really wanted to help me. What I eventually realized was that I prayed, not for His sake, but for mine. I prayed to open myself to His grace and to let Him into my life. What I have always tried to remember, however, is to ask that my requests be answered, "If it be thy will".
Whatever our spiritual beliefs, we can all benefit from prayer or meditation by allowing a space in our ego-centered lives for the Divine, however we may conceive of it. Turning away from the ego, surprisingly enough, turns out to be the best way to truly satisfy its needs as the bounty of God moving in our lives provides for both our spiritual and our material needs.
If you are interested in discussing and learning about Renaissance Astrology, particulary Astrological Magic, the construction of Astrological Talismans and the magical use of Electional Astrology , you may wish to subscribe to Spiritus Mundi my e-group devoted to traditional (pre-1700) astrology.
For those that desire to delve deeper into Astrology and magick I offer an Astrological Magic Web Course which teaches students the theory and practice of the Renaissance astrological magick of Cornelius Agrippa, Marsilio Ficino and Picatrix. Please e-mail me if you have further questions regarding astrological magick or the web course.



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