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The Complete Relationship Reading includes a natal Compatibility Reading for life long relationship patterns and the psychological compatibility of the couple and a horary relationship question for a precise, accurate and focused reading of what will actually happen with the relationship.
By using multiple techniques, charts and readings, the Complete Relationship Reading gives a total picture of the couple's love life and relationship. Separately the Compatibility Reading is $69.95 and a horary reading is $55, but the Complete Relationship Reading is just $99.95!
Renaissance Astrology has many different types of relationship reading. Here's more information on How to Choose a Relationship Reading.

Information Needed for a Complete Relationship Reading
Ordering a Complete Relationship Reading
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What is a Complete Relationship Reading?


Renaissance Portrait
Renaissance Portrait
The Complete Relationship Reading combines a Compatibility Reading and a specific relationship horary question.
The Compatibility first uses techniques of synastry to see how the two charts interact with each other to get an understanding of how the couple will interact. The Compatibility Reading also looks at the relationship patterns in each person's chart to better understand how they act in relationships and their relationship patterns. However, the Compatibility Reading will not tell us whether or not the couple will actually have a relationship, for that we use a horary question, which looks at the chart of the question, rather than the birth charts of the couple. The horary gives us a very accurate precise answer and will tell us clearly if they will have a relationship or what is likely to happen with their relationship.
Here is a Complete Relationship Reading Example.
I provide a written analysis for the Complete Relationship Reading, explaining the astrological factors used and my analysis of the couple's compatibility and the horary question regarding their relationship. The written analysis will be sent to you by e-mail and I available to discuss the analysis of the couple's compatibility by phone or e-mail after you receive it. Discussion or answering follow up questions, either by phone or e-mail, are limited to 30 minutes. Discussion or follow up questions are also limited to the practical considerations with regard to the couple's compatibility and likely outcome of their relationship, not the astrological factors considered. I provide the astrological factors considered in order to be transparent in how I arrived at my final analysis, however, I will not provide any further explanation or justification of my methodology or use of astrological factors as this can lead to confusion and arguments and a full and complete explanation requires extensive training in traditional astrology.

Information Needed for a Complete Relationship Reading


To get a Complete Relationship Reading first order on the Payment Page then Contact by phone or e-mail. Full payment must be received before I provide an analysis. I do not do free or reduced rate astrology readings.
I need:
  • A yes or no question for the horary portion of the reading. "Where is this relationship going?" "Will I marry X?" or "Will I have a committed relationship with X?" are all good horary career questions. Feel free to Contact me for help in formulating your horary question.
  • T he exact time (within 15 minutes) of birth, birth date and birth location for both of the couple.

Ordering a Complete Natal Reading


A Compatibility Reading plus a horary done separately are over $120, but the Complete Relationship Reading is just $99.95! For information on ordering a Complete Relationship Reading including payment options a please follow the Order Link. Please Contact me for further order information. Full payment must be received before I provide an analysis. I do not do free or reduced rate readings. No exceptions!

Further Questions


If you have further questions on the Complete Relationship Reading, please Contact me.


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