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Horary Astrology
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"Should I Buy the House?"
Example Chart & Analysis

Horary Astrology
How to Ask
Will I buy the house?
How to Ask
When will our house sell?
Example of Actual Question:
When will our house sell?
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Example Of Actual Horary Astrology Reading
for the Question:
"Should I Buy the House?"

Time of Question: 7:40 pm EDT May 29, 2003

Place of Question: Washington, D.C. 77W03 38N55
Regiomontanus Houses

In this chart 29 degrees of Scorpio rises. Mercury is the hour ruler. The chart is not radical, but we can still get an accurate answer from it nonetheless. The South Node is in a partile conjunction of the Ascendant, afflicting the querent.
As Scorpio rises, Mars is the ruler of the Ascendant and significator of the querent (person asking the question). Mars is peregrine in the cadent 3rd house.
The Moon, showing action is in Taurus, but void of course. The Moon still performs somewhat in Taurus. The Moon is conjunct the very malefic fixed star Algol.
The seller of the house is signified by Venus, ruler of the 7th house. Venus is dignified by sign and triplicity and conjunct the 7th house.
The querent's money is signified by the ruler of the 2nd house, Jupiter, who is dignified by face, a weak dignity, and in the 9th house, a cadent house. Jupiter is also the natural ruler of money as well as being the ruler of the physical condition of the house.
The house's price is signified by the ruler of the 10th, Mercury, who is dignified by term. This shows that the price would favor the seller, but not be outrageously high.
Venus, significator of the seller, applies to a square without reception of Mars, significator of the querent. This indicates troubles and difficulties.
The weakness of the querent's significator Mars is a most significant problem. Being peregrine and in a cadent house, Mars has difficulty achieving his goal of purchasing the house. The Moon at first appears to be helpful, being in Taurus, her exaltation, but then we realize that she is not only void of course, but conjunct the malefic star Algol.
Action in this chart is not with the querent. The malefic South Node afflicting the Ascendant doesn't help matters. The fact that 29 degrees rises, with the other chart indications, seems to show that there is little the querent can do about the situation. Scorpio being a fixed sign would indicate that the current situation, ie not owning the house, is likely to continue.
Then we have the square between the querent and seller. This indicates difficulties and arguments and lacks the positive factor of reception. It could indicate the sale because there at least is an applying aspect, but given the other factors in the chart, we are getting a negative answer from it.
It does not appear that the price is the problem, as it is not excessively high, rather problems crop up between the querent and the seller. As Jupiter, which rules the 2nd of money and the 4th of the property itself, is dignified by face and cadent, it appears that the property is not in terrible shape, but is only ok, and that financially it would an ok, but not amazing move for the querent.
Given that the 2nd ruler of the querent's money, Jupiter is dignified by face, but the house price 10th ruler Mercury is dignified by term, it may be that the price is just a little too high for the querent.
It is possible that after some arguments and difficulties, that the querent buys the property, but more likely these problems crop up and the house sale does not go through.


The querent reported that not only did he not buy the property, but that the chart had accurately forecast the exact sequence of events.


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