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And draw your attention to the Moon in all works as if it were the Chief of all the other Planets because it brings about evident Manifestations and Judgments in all things in the world and it pertains to the power of generation and corruption...


Extracts on the Moon from Picatrix

The Picatrix or Ghayat al Hikam, the Aim of the Wise, was composed in Arabic in Andalusia around 1000 A.D. It is a key work of for medieval and Renaissance astrological magic.
The following extracts deal with the Moon, particularly with her phases. Too often it is rather simplistically asserted that astrological magic should only be done under a waxing Moon. As these extracts make clear the waning Moon, like any astrological factor, has its uses as well.

The Picatrix

Book I, Chapter 5, paragraph 34

translated by Christopher Warnock, Esq.

Islamic Ruler
It is necessary to observe when casting images which are made for love and friendship that the Moon is fortunate and full of light and do not make something, as we have previously said, when the Moon is unfortunate and diminished in light.
Example of the same. Make images for love and delight and to visit kings and high lords in the day of the Moon [when the Moon is] increasing in light in Sagittarius, Taurus, Cancer or Pisces (and with the Head of the Dragon she is strong in works [of magic]) and always [when the Moon] is in a fortunate mansion and one appropriate for the work when the Moon is aspecting Venus in the hour of Jupiter when Jupiter is in Pisces, Sagittarius or Cancer and the Moon is [also] in those places.
And conversely make images for evil [when] the Moon is in a unfortunate mansion and with unfortunate planets or aspecting the same with a square or opposition. And when these [images] are made in such a way your work will be carried out in everything according to your wishes.

Book II, Chapter 3, paragraph 7

And draw your attention to the Moon in all works [of magic] as if it were the chief of all the other planets because it brings about evident manifestations and judgments [?] in all things in the world and it pertains to the power of generation and corruption and she is the mediatrix [female intermediary] in the advance of your work, receiving the influences and impressions of the stars and planets and pouring them out to the inferiors of this world.
Islamic Moon Decan Image
Wherefore draw your attention to that which we have said before concerning her [being] fortunate and infortunate, increasing [waxing] and diminishing [waning] in light, because after separating from the Sun she secures his strength then she moves to be in a sextile, square, trine and opposition aspect. And she receives strength from the stars and planets when she is connected by the aspects we have mentioned before.
And if you find the Moon increasing in light then her strength and power is good and useful in all works to bring about increase and if you find the light [of the Moon] diminishing it is suitable and harmonious for all works in which you wish diminution.
And after the Moon separates from the conjunction of the Sun [New Moon] all the way up to a sinister [against the direction of the signs] square until it arrives at an opposition [Full Moon] it is always good and harmonious for buying and selling, trials and asking for the repayment of debts, debates and councils for everything you require.
And after separating from the opposition of the Sun and crossing to the dexter square all the way to the conjunction of the Sun it is good and appropriate to [pay] for debts that you owe and for those who keep possessions to return them to others and for wisdom and for asking and inquiring into truth.


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