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#21 - January 2018 - Choosing Talismans & Jupiter Lion Head Talisman

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Choosing Talismans
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Choosing Talismans


Inner Circle Marginalia
I've been working on making more and more pages on my web site mobile responsive. I may discuss this coding change more later, but as part of the re-coding I've been rewriting and updating pages. One of the pages I rewrote was my How to Choose a Talisman page. In rewriting this page, I finally have articulated in writing my methodology of choosing talismans and what the significance of the natal chart is choosing talismans. Here's what I say on the choosing talismans page:
Astrological talismans provide the natural effect of the planet, fixed stars, Mansions of the Moon, decan/face, or the specific houses in a house based talisman. For example, Venus is the natural ruler of love, pleasure and friendship, while the 3rd Mansion of the Moon provides, "all good things", the fixed star Algol provides spiritual protection and a house based talisman with the 2nd and 10th house provides wealth and success.
There are two ways to pick a talisman. We can start with the goal we want to achieve, look at the talismans that provide that effect, then check the state of these planets in our natal chart. If we wish love, for example, Venus is the natural ruler of love and her talismans provide this effect. We can look at our natal chart and see if Venus is afflicted. If she is not, then Venus is an appropriate talisman for us.
The second way is to look at the strength of planets in our chart and then once we look at the planets that are strong in our chart or whom we wish to strengthen, then we can look at the effects these planets provide. For example, if Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are strong in our chart, we look and see that Mars provides strength, Jupiter provides wealth and the Moon, safety. We decide that we wish wealth and chose a Jupiter talismans.
Basically we choose talismans whose planets are strong in your birth chart to give you their natural effect strongly and talismans whose planets are weak in your natal chart to strengthen their natural effect. We avoid planets that are afflicted in your chart because you can have an "allergic" reaction to them. Whatever their placement or rulership in your birth chart planets primarly give their natural effects through their talismans and give their natal placement or rulership only weakly.
If you are familiar with traditional astrology you can check your birth chart as follows:
  • Talismans will give a strong effect if the planet is dignified in its sign, exaltation or triplicity, in your natal chart. For example, Jupiter in Pisces, his sign, in your natal chart means Jupiter is an excellent talisman for you.
  • Talismans in which the planet is afflicted by being in fall or detriment or without dignity and combust or without dignity and retrograde in your natal chart, are "yellow flags". Use these talismans with caution. Some people get good results with talismans of planets afflicted in their natal chart, others have problems. It is a good idea to do a divination (I ching, tarot, etc.) first before using these talismans. For example, if your Saturn is in Aries, his fall, in your natal chart, you need be careful using a Saturn talisman. If a planet is afflicted in your natal chart you can do planetary charity to help with the problems it causes.
  • Planets in any other placements in your natal chart other the specific dignities or afflictions list listed above are fine as talismans. The dignities and afflictions listed above are the only ones we consider with talismans, even though there are many other types of dignity and affliction in traditional astrology. For example, planets in particular houses or making particular aspects in your natal chart are not a problem if you wish to use them as talismans.
So that really lays out my basic methodology. Let me give some background. This is my own method and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but perhaps mine deserves some weight because I have been working with astrological talismans for almost 20 years and have created hundreds myself, while getting reports from hundreds and hundreds of clients on their talismans. How, for example, did I come up with this method? Well, it's clear that if a planet is strong in your natal chart that you are likely to get a stronger effect from it. Picatrix says, "It should be noted that the aforesaid [creation of planetary talismans] were more certain if the planet was strong in the natal chart of those people who performed the working." Picatrix Bk I, chapter 5. Since a strong planet in a natal chart gives a stronger effect and a talisman made when an planet is afflicted can cause a negative effect it is logical that having a planet afflicted in your chart can mean that its talisman is problematic for you. Some Vedic astrologers agree with this, while others insist that you can strengthen afflicted planets in your natal chart with their talismans.
Another basic issue has to do with the relationship between natal charts and the effects of planetary talismans. Again Picatrix says, "Be careful that you do not ask anything from any planet that is not of its own nature, for in this case your petition will fail." Picatrix Bk III, chapter 7. Each planet has its natural rulerships and effects. Invoking a planet or making its talisman produces these natural effects. However, because of the overwhelming natal focus of modern astrology, plus the modern tendency to see the world as revolving around themselves, and a confusion between predictive astrology and astrological magic moderns often look to their own natal chart and expect the planets to conform to it. So for example if Saturn rules the 7th or is in the 7th house in someone's natal chart, Saturn will play a role in predicting their relationships. However, this does not turn Saturn into a love talisman! Saturn is naturally solitary and unsociable and even a very strong Saturn talisman will not produce love, no matter where Saturn is in your chart or what house he rules.
Similarly moderns want to both diagnose and cure their "chart problems" based on their natal chart placements. Afflicted Mars in the 2nd? "I have a Mars problem. Should I get a Mars talisman?" This is a very basic and ancient debate. Some ancient astrologers like Al-Kindi saw the planets as putting out rays, albeit spiritual, not electro-magnetic rays. This is how most moderns, if they think about it at all, conceptualize how astrology operates. So for this person at their birth Mars shot out a bunch of rays at them and somehow messed up their 2nd house, resulting in losses and overspending. I guess sort of like a birth defect, which they can now correct with some other sort of beams from a talisman.
But there is an alternative ancient view. Plotinus, the famous 3rd century Neo-Platonic philosophers says in his Enneads,

"We may think of the stars as letters perpetually being inscribed on the heavens or inscribed once and for all yet moving as they pursue the other tasks allotted to them; upon these main tasks will follow the quality of signifying, just as the one principle underlying any living unit enables us to reason from member to member...If these parts are members of a whole, so are we; in different ways the one law applies. All teems with symbol; the wise man is the man who in any one thing can read another..."

Plotinus, the Enneads, trans. Stephen McKenna (Penguin, 1991) at 80.
So indeed Mars was in part of his cycle where he was afflicted and in the 2nd house of the person when they were born. But this does not mean the Mars beams zapped the native (person whose natal chart is being examined). Instead the cycle of Mars corresponds to the cycle of this person's life because they are both following a deeper underlying spiritual cycle. But invoking Mars will cause strength, determination and victory, his natural rulerships and qualities and will not affect wealth. If this person wanted wealth, they should look to a planet like Jupiter, whose natural effect is wealth.
Very interesting! It's taken me a long time to come up with my methodology and I'm glad I was finally inspired to more fully articulate it. Check out the new How to Choose a Talisman page and Currently Available Talismans, Currently Available Pentacles, Currently Available Magic Mirrors and Currently Available Paper Talismans

Jupiter Lion Head Talismans


Inner Circle Marginalia

Bronze Lion Head Jupiter
I am very pleased to present another new Jupiter talismans, this time the Bronze Lion Head Jupiter.
Jupiter is everyone's favorite planet for wealth, good fortune and wisdom. I attribute much of my financial success to my unceasing work with Jupiter. Jupiter talismans have been so popular that we sold out, so I am very happy to have Jupiter talismans available again.
These are very beautiful and magically powerful talismans with Nigel's lion head Jupiter image on the front. As far as the timing, we are not going to be able to make Jupiter talismans again until December of 2018, so while I would have liked these to be a little stronger, I am happy to have any good talismans at all. These are dignified by term (+2) but also Jupiter day and hour, so I think they are equal to +3, which is strong enough to get a good connection to Jupiter.
We have three bronze Lion Head Jupiter talismans available at $25 off just $224.95 plus shipping, here is the order page: Discounted Lion Head Jupiter talisman Offer lasts until all three sell or January 28, 2018!


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