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#11 - July 2017 - Moon Thoughts & Moon Talismans

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Moon Thoughts


Among the flowers with wine beneath the sky
Alone I drink - no friend or kin, just me.
I raise my cup to toast the moon on high.
That's two of us; my shadow makes it three.

Li Bai, "Drinking Alone Under the Moon"

It's almost automatic to see the planets from a "what have you done for me lately?" approach. For so many people magic is what you do after you fail at getting what you want through the normal social channels or what you do when you want the easy way or a shortcut to some goal or something. About 60-70% of the time talisman customers are looking for money, which is the be all and end all of modern consumer capitalist society. We have the saying "money doesn't buy happiness" like the presumption of innocence in criminal cases, because in our heart of hearts we fervently believe money = happiness.
So take any other approach is to lose 90% of your audience. If I'm not immediately getting what I want out of magic or ritual, why bother? This is really comes to the fore with the Moon. Here's the approximate popularity of planetary talismans:

(1) Jupiter (money!)
(2) Sun (money, fame, promotion, health)
(3) Mercury (business, study, money)
(4) Venus (love)
(5) Saturn (magic, wisdom)
(6) Moon (???)
(7) Mars (strength, determination)
I think a lot of the problem with the Moon is that it is so hard to get a handle on what she rules. Check out Lilly on the things ruled by the Moon. So the sea, water, yes that makes sense, white things, yes, silver, yes, but what types of people, what activities? Women, children, common people. I'm still not getting a clear picture here.
And that's point in many ways. The Sun is the light of the day and his effects are obvious. Right now it is hovering around 90F in the shade as I type this. The Sun makes all things apparent. The Moon, on the other hand, is inherently mysterious, the light of the night. Picatrix says,

And draw your attention to the Moon in all works [of magic] as if she were the chief of all the other planets because she brings about evident manifestations and judgments in all things in the world and she pertains to the power of generation and corruption and she is the mediatrix [female intermediary] in the advance of your work, receiving the influences and impressions of the stars and planets and pouring them out to the inferiors of this world.

Picatrix, Bk III, chapter 7.
The material world is the sub-lunary realm because the Moon rules everything in it and controls the birth, growth and death of everything.

Invocation of the Moon

Hail to you oh, Goddess, the Moon, blessed lady, fortunate, cold and moist, temperate and beautiful. Of all the planets you are the head and key, your movement is smooth, you have shining light, lady of happiness and joy, of good words, of good fame, of the power to bless.
You are the lover of law and ponder the things of the world, and your thought is subtle. You love joyful singing and enjoy joking and love, you are the lady of ambassadors and messages and of the revealing of secrets.
You are high and noble, you are nearer to us than the other planets, you are more powerful than all of them and bright; you bring good and evil, you connect the planets to one another, you transfer their light, you control everything through your goodness.
And everything in the world is adorned by your ornament and by your judgement all is judged. You begin all things, you are their end.
You above all planets have nobility and honor.
And in this way I call upon you.

Warnock's Daily Picatrix Invocation of the Moon

This is definitely a spirit you want to get in touch with! Demand nothing, open yourself to her incessant rhythm. Do the daily planetary practice, do planetary charity for the Moon, get a Moon talisman.

Arabic Moon Table Talismans


Inner Circle Marginalia
Arabic Moon Table talisman

So we have some brand new Arabic Moon Table Talismans. To check them out follow the Arabic Moon Table talisman link and use your esoteric student username and password or

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We also have Moon Crab talismans.
I am very pleased to offer these amazing Moon talismans because they offer the regular Lunar power plus some very powerful Arabic magic! These are very large, very substantial talismans with incredible detail of design. I don't know about you but I really love the Moon, her beauty and mystery always inspires me. The Moon is a mighty spirit and you really owe it to yourself to establish a positive spiritual connection to the Moon.
A Moon talisman is great if your natal Moon is in Cancer or Taurus, probably not the best choice if your natal Moon is in Capricorn or Scorpio. A Moon talisman is fine if your Moon is in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces.
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