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Astrology of Education
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Graduate School Admission Example


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Will I Get Into Grad School?
Should I Finish My Doctorate?
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St. Jerome

Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.

Diogenes Laėrtius

In this question the querent (person asking the question) asked, "Will I get into my chosen graduate school?" I received and understood the question on 5:50 pm, February 15, 2002 in Washington, D.C. 38 N 55 77 W 03
In this chart 28 degrees of Leo rises and it is Mars hour. As Mars and the ruler of Leo the Sun are both hot and dry the chart is radical and has indications of accuracy.
The Ascendant is conjunct the fixed star Alphard of the nature of Saturn and Venus giving much trouble and anxiety. Robson, Fixed Stars, page 130.
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
The Ascendant is also conjunct the fixed star Al Jabhah of the nature of Saturn and Mercury giving loss, many dangers and a violent and intemperate nature. Robson, Fixed Stars, page 128.
The Ascendant is also late, indicating that the situation is in its late stages and that there is little the querent can do to alter it.
The ruler of the Ascendant and significator of the querent is the Sun. The Sun is in detriment and conjunct the 7th house cusp. The co-significator of the querent is the Moon, who is peregrine in the malefic 8th house.
The significator of the graduate school is the ruler of the 9th house of higher education, Mars and the almuten or co-ruler of the 9th is the Sun. Mars is dignified by sign and in the 9th house.
The querent's significator, the Sun, is severely debilitated in his detriment Aquarius. The Moon is peregrine in the malefic 8th. There is a separating aspect between the Sun and the ruler of the 9th of higher education, Mars.
One positive factor is the fact that the ruler of the 1st , signifying the querent and the almuten or co-ruler of the 9th are both the Sun. However, his debilitated state doesn't help. In addition, the Sun is applying to a trine of Jupiter, natural significator of higher education. Jupiter, while exalted in Cancer, is retrograde.
I am concerned about admission to graduate school as the indicators are decidedly negative. The querent is weak and thus unable to accomplish her purpose and there is separating rather than applying aspect between her significator and the significator of higher education. The fact that the Sun is ruler of the 1st and almuten of the 9th and applying to a trine of Jupiter leaves open the possibility of admission, but it is very much touch and go at present.


The querent was not admitted to graduate school.


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