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Example Of Curse Question

Question: "Is my fiancee cursed by his parent?"

Time of Question: 10:23 am AEST, August 6, 2000

Place of Election: Sydney, Australia
Regiomontanus Houses

First, we have some considerations against judgment in this chart. It is Saturn hour and Scorpio rises, so there isn't sympathy between rising sign and planetary hour. Also only 2 degrees of Scorpio is rising which can indicate that the question is asked too early. The Moon is in the Via Combusta and as it is also in the ascendant, the ascendant is in the Via Combusta. Finally Saturn is in the 7th. So with this many strictures, we must have some concern for the accuracy of the chart and interpretation. Nonetheless, we will go ahead and judge the chart.
Part of the reason for considerations against judgment was to protect the astrologer from giving bad news to a client. In this chart, the Moon and Ascendant in the Via Combusta indicates difficulties and problems. Here, as this is a question regarding a significant other we look to the ruler of the 7th house as significator. This is Venus, peregrine, under the Sun's beams and conjunct the fixed star Regulus, which is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter, giving violence, destructiveness, success and magnanimity. Venus is in the radix 11th (hopes and dreams) and the turned 5th (play and children).

We look to the 12th ruler to signify witchcraft. The radix 12th ruler is Mercury, who is in the radix 10th and turned 4th and not in aspect with Venus. However, the turned 12th ruler (12th from the significant other's ascendant which is the 7th) is Jupiter, in detriment, conjunct the Hyades, a group of fixed stars of the nature of Saturn and Mercury, giving tears, sudden events, violence, poisoning, blindness, wounds or injuries to the head by instruments, weapons or fevers and contradictions of fortune. Venus is applying to a square of Saturn, natural significator of witchcraft in the turned ascendant (7th) with reception and then Venus applies to a square of Jupiter without reception.
Lilly says, "If the Lord of the ascendant be... joyned to the Lord of the twelfth house, there may be greate feare, that the party enquiring or enquired for is Inchanted or Bewitched or else some evill Spirits doe hant him." William Lilly, Christian Astrology [1647] Regulus, 1985, p. 464. So this chart presents the very real possibility that the significant other may be bewitched. I particularly dislike the state of the Moon, which represents action. The Moon is in fall in Scorpio, as well as being peregrine and in the Via Combusta and almost precisely on the Ascendant. This would be an appropriate time to do evil magic (particularly for getting rid of scorpions) but it is certainly not auspicious for a question.
One possibility for the identity of the witch is given by the applying square of Venus to Saturn. Saturn is the ruler of the radix 4th (fathers) and turned 10th (mothers). Perhaps they are the source of the curse. Did either parent frequently or fervently tell your significant other that he wouldn't amount to anything or was lazy?


The querent was satisfied with the delineation and indicated that a parent had made such statements to the significant other.


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