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Talisman larger than actual size

Talisman of the

26th Lunar Mansion



I am very pleased to be able to offer a single UNIQUE authentic gold plated silver talisman of the twenty sixth Mansion of the Moon for love and friendship. This a great option if Venus is afflicted in your natal chart! Not only are the 26th Mansion talismans made according to the proper image as provided by the ancient astrological grimoire, the Picatrix, but these limited edition talismans were actually cast out of molten silver at a time precisely chosen to be astrologically auspicious. You can see the actual chart of the making of these talismans below.
We also have Golden Bronze 26th Mansion talismans.
The key feature of these talismans is the image of the twenty sixth Mansion of the Moon from Picatrix,

Talisman larger than actual size
TALISMAN BACK (enlarged)
"The twenty-sixth Mansion is Alfarg Primus, and it is for the creation of love. When the Moon has passed into the image of a woman with her hair unbound and before her a vessel placed as if to receive her hair. Cense it will sweet-smelling odors, and say: 'You, Tagriel, bring me to the love and friendship of such and such a woman [or man].' Place the image in a small bag, and place with it also some of the most sweet-smelling of substances; carry it with you, and it shall be completed as you have requested. And know that Tagriel is the name of the lord of this Mansion.

Picatrix, Book IV, Chapter 9.
We can see on the front of the talisman, shown above to right, the beautiful image of a seated woman with hair unbound from the Picatrix by the talented artist/mage Nigel Jackson On the back of the talisman, which you can see to right, around the outer edge, is the Latin phrase, Vinculum quippe vinculorum amor est, "Love is the greatest bond" as the creation of the bonds of love is the purpose of the talisman. Also listed is Tagriel, the name of the lady of the 26th mansion.
All in all the talismans are a wonderful example of the magical power of numbers and symbols, practical exemplars of the harmony and interconnections of all things in the Cosmos.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The election is for 10:01 am MST December 31, 2008 for Boulder, Colorado, where , our jeweler/mage cast these 26th Mansion talismans. The Moon is waxing in the 26th Mansion, the 26th Mansion rises and the Moon and Ascendant are unafflicted.
I am pleased to offer this unique beautiful gold plated silver talisman of the 26th Mansion of the Moon for love and friendship. The talisman is 24 grams in weight, a bit less than an ounce of silver and are 32 millimeters or 1 1/4 inches in diameter. After being cast at the elected time, the talisman was then consecrated, gold plated and a leather cord added. The talisman comes with a color Nigel Jackson image of the 26th Mansion for mediation and visualization as well as full consecration and ritual instructions.
Only one of these talismans was made. It is unique and the timing of its election can never be replicated. These are not the usual mass produced pewter "talismans" but made from silver and carefully cast to the specifications in our original sources at the exact time most auspicious for the Twenty Sixth Lunar Mansion

26th Mansion Talisman
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26th Mansion Talisman
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This talisman is a wonderful example of the ancient art of astrological magic, authentically and beautifully made!
The single UNIQUE gold plated silver 26th Mansions talisman for love and friendship is sold out as of January 20, 2016. Please note that some countries only allow a maximum of $650 insurance so Contact me for more information.

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Please note that due to the effect of the consecration ritual, which individualizes the talisman, that no returns will be accepted nor refunds made for talismans.