Gold Plated Silver Arabic Jupiter Talisman

for Wealth, Good Fortune and Wisdom

arabic gold plated silver jupiter talisman Talisman Front


Renaissance Astrology is pleased to present authentic gold plated silver talismans of Jupiter for wealth, good fortune and wisdom. These limited edition talismans were actually cast out of molten golden bronze at a precisely elected time! You can see the actual chart of the making of this talisman below. Jupiter is our most popular planetary talisman for wealth, prosperity and good fortune!

The Renaissance mage Cornelius Agrippa says that a Jupiter talisman, "...conduceth to gain, and riches, favor, and love, peace, and concord, and to appease enemies, to confirm honors, dignities, and counsels, and dissolve enchantments..." Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book II, chapter 22.

On the front of the talisman is a six pointed Star of Solomon. In the very center of the design is the name Allah. Arranged around the six pointed star are names of Allah and huruf muqattallat. The Muqattallat, literally "disjoined letters" or "disconnected letters" also "mysterious letters", are combinations of between one and five Arabic letters figuring at the beginning of 29 out of the 114 surahs (chapters) of the Quran.

The names of Allah on the front of the talisman are "the Universal", Al-Hakam, "the Intercessor", the muqattallat Ta Sin, Ya Sin, Alif Lam Mim, the divine name Al-Basit, "the Expander" as well as the four archangels, Jibril. Mikail, Israfil and Izrail and on the outer right, the muqattallat Kaaf , Ha , Ya , Ain , and Saad and on the left the muqattallat Ha , Min , Ain , Sin and Qaaf.

Jupiter Talisman Back
Talisman Back

On the back of the talisman in the center are the Jupiter symbol and well as the seal of Jupiter and sigil of the intelligence and spirit of Jupiter from Three Books of Occult Philosophy. In the next ring from the center are currency symbols from countries across the world. Finally around the outer edge are some of the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, including Allah, "The Greatest Name", Al-Rehman, "the "Compassionate", Al-Rahim, "the Merciful", Al-Basit, "the Expander", Al-Razzaq, "the Sustainer", Al-Kabir, "the Greatest", Al-Mutaa'ali, "the Supreme One." Also we see the names of Jupiter in Arabic from Picatrix, "O'Demuez, Armez, Ceylez, Mahaz, Erdaz, Tamyz, Feruz, Dyndez, Afrayuz, Tayhaciedez descend hurry, hurry, hurry, right now at this moment." Picatrix, Bk III, chapter 9.

Sun chart

The Jupiter talismans were cast on 5:16 am December 30, 2018 in Islamabad, Pakistan, by our jeweler/mage, Muhammed Ajmal. Jupiter is rising and is dignified by sign (+5) and triplicity (+3) for a SUPER +8 and it is the planetary hour of Jupiter.

I am pleased to offer these beautiful gold plated .925 sterling silver talismans of Jupiter. They are 1.25 inches in diameter and weighs 14 grams.
The talisman was cast and consecrated at the elected time and comes with a chain to wear as a pendant. All Renaissance Astrology talisman are consecrated when cast to call the celestial angels/spirits into them. We recommend an additional personal consecration to introduce yourself to the angels/spirits and bring the power of the talisman to you. The talisman comes with a color image for consecration plus an information booklet with full personal consecration instructions.


Jupiter Talisman
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Jupiter Talisman
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The gold plated silver Arabic Jupiter talismans for wealth, good fortune and wisdom are sold out as of December 15, 2019. Here are our Currently available Jupiter talismans,
Please note that while many clients are happy with their talismans, check out the talisman testimonials, some are not and I cannot guarantee exactly what the effects will be for any individual client. Because of this and because I cannot resell talismans, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on talismans.

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