Red Agate 26th Mansion Talisman

Lunar Mansion Talismans for Love and Friendship

26th mansion Talisman Talisman Front


Renaissance Astrology is pleased very pleased to be able to offer these authentic agate talismans of the twenty sixth Mansion of the Moon for love and friendship. These are a great option if Venus is afflicted in your natal chart!

The key feature of these talismans is the image of the twenty sixth Mansion of the Moon from Picatrix,

"The twenty-sixth Mansion is Alfarg Primus, and it is for the creation of love. When the Moon has passed into the image of a woman with her hair unbound and before her a vessel placed as if to receive her hair. Cense it will sweet-smelling odors, and say:

'You, Tagriel, bring me to the love and friendship of such and such a woman [or man].' Place the image in a small bag, and place with it also some of the most sweet-smelling of substances; carry it with you, and it shall be completed as you have requested.

And know that Tagriel is the name of the lord of this Mansion.

Picatrix, Book IV, Chapter 9.

Venus Talisman Back
Talisman Back

We can see on the front of the talisman, shown above to right, the beautiful image of a seated woman with hair unbound from the Picatrix by the talented artist Robert Place. On the back of the talisman, in the middle with 2 crescent Moons is the name of the celestial angel of the 26th Mansion from Picatrix, Tagriel, in Arabic تغریال Around the edge is a magical inscription in Arabic which says, "O Nafsial O Tagriel, Harness all creatures from the earth, from the sky, from the sea, from the land, the people, as harnessed by David and Solomon, Peace be Upon You." Note other sources list Nafsial Tagriel as the name of the angel of the 26th Mansion.

26th mansion chart

The red agate 26th Mansion talismans were created with the conditions shown on this chart for 2:12 pm, October 25, 2020 in Islamabad, Pakistan. These conditions are that the waxing and unafflicted Moon rises in the 26th Mansion!

I am pleased to offer these beautiful red agate talismans of the 26th Mansion. The red agate gemstone is set in a .925 silver oval setting that is 1.25 high by 1 & 1/8s inch wide.
The talismans were created and consecrated with the specified conditions as shown in the electional chart and come with a chain to wear as a pendant. All Renaissance Astrology talisman are consecrated when cast to call the celestial angels/spirits into them. We recommend an additional personal consecration to introduce yourself to the angels/spirits and bring the power of the talisman to you. The talisman comes with a color image for consecration plus an information booklet with full personal consecration instructions.


26th Mansion Talisman
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26th Mansion Talisman
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The red agate 26th Mansion talismans for love and friendship are $299.95 plus $17.95 US shipping or $85 non-US shipping. For non-US shipping please Contact me to see if there is a less expensive shipping option for your country.
Please note that while many clients are happy with their talismans, check out the talisman testimonials, some are not and I cannot guarantee exactly what the effects will be for any individual client. Because of this and because I cannot resell talismans, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on talismans.

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