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Legal Astrology
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
When Should I File Legal Pleadings
Or Begin a Lawsuit?

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Electional Astrology
Legal Election Example
William Lilly
Lilly's Rules for Lawsuits
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For who would Bear the Whips and
Scorns of Time, the Oppressor’s Wrong, the Proud Man’s Contumely ...the Law’s Delay...

William Shakespeare

I am uniquely qualified to use traditional horary and electional techniques to advise on legal matters. Here are further biographical details.
By choosing an astrologically appropriate time to start your case or file pleadings you can help ensure success in the vitally important area of civil litigation.

Electing for Civil Cases


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When answering horary questions we ask, "what has" or "what will happen?" This questions concentrate on Fate. When choosing or "electing" a time to take action or begin an activity we are concentrating on Free Will; aligning our individual intention with the endless and regular changes of the Cosmic Dance.
As always I am guided by William Lilly's Christian Astrology first published in 1647. Lilly provides Rules for Lawsuits. The first house and its ruler represent the elector (person who will be acting on the election) the seventh house represents their opponent and the tenth house represents the judge. The Moon signifies the jury and we look to the fourth house to represent the final outcome of the matter.
The key question, however, is the relative strength of the first house ruler, representing the elector, and the ruler of the seventh house, representing the opponent. The strongest and best placed planet wins.
We can vary our election depending on the results we seek. For example, if we choose a time when there is an applying aspect between the significators of the elector and opponent, particularly a good aspect with reception, we would expect that the case would settle. For a favorable settlement we would like to also see the opponent in sign of the elector. In a war election this indicates capture. As a lawsuit is the civilized equivalent of war here it indicates that the opponent is in the power of the elector.
I have provided an astrological chart, analysis and Legal Election Example .

How to Ask "When Should I File Legal Pleadings or Begin a Lawsuit?"


To ask "When Should I File Legal Pleadings or Begin a Lawsuit?" please Contact by phone or e-mail me. I also need to know:
  • The range of dates and times available,
  • The nature and circumstances of the case and finally,
  • I may need to e-mail you for more information.

What Does It Cost to Find Out "When Should I File Legal Pleadings or Begin a Lawsuit?"


The charge for a single election giving a particular time range on a single day is $55. For examining multiple days and times or multiple elections the charge is $100.00 an hour with a retainer based on the estimated time necessary payable in advance. I accept personal checks, cashier's checks or postal money orders, which must be denominated in U.S. dollars. I do also accept cash with personal appointments.
Finally, credit card payment for electional analysis is available through PayPal and our financial associate, Saffron Esoteric Services. Just follow this Credit Card Link and click the PayPal payment icon when you get to the Electional Main Page.

What Does A Civil Case Electional Analysis Consist Of?


As soon as I receive payment I will call or e-mail you with your election of the most astrologically auspicious times and dates for your legal election. I will then mail a written analysis giving the best dates and times for your event, along with all relevant astrological information, including an astrological chart of your question. Each election receives my personal attention as Renaissance astrology is too complex to be produced by a computer program. I am also available for further discussion of your election via e-mail and phone after you receive your written analysis.
Note that due to the constant changes in the Heavens, the large number of astrological factors considered and the precision of traditional astrology, that elections consist not of a "lucky day", but of an exact time range, e.g. 2:23-3:34 pm, on a particular day.


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