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Talisman larger than actual size

House Based




I have SOLD OUT! of these unique house based Love & Wealth talismans, combining the power of three exalted planets to create an extremely potent and unusual combination talisman. These talisman come from the Harranian Sabian sage Thabit Ibn Qurra's great work of astrological magic, De Imaginibus. In a house based talisman, multiple planets are used giving extra power and additional strength. This is a very special talisman because it combines multiple different purposes, in this case love, relationships, marriage, wealth, profit and good fortune. The celestial configuration necessary to make this talisman will not recur again in our lifetimes, making this talisman unique.
We still have Love/Wealth rings.
Thabit Ibn Qurra explains in two chapters how to make wealth talismans by working with the rulers of the Ascendant and the Ascendant, signifying the user of the talisman and the 2nd house of wealth and its ruler,

" the lord of the house of wealth [2nd] joined to the lord of the ascendant, and have reception between them and let there be a conjunction or trine or sextile aspect... And make fortunate the Ascendant and his lord and beware that the lord of the Ascendant is not retrograde or combust or cadent and not in the house opposed to its house which is the seventh and not impeded by a strong and angular malefic and make fortunate the Ascendant and the lord of the house of substance and the Moon. When you finish the image according to these [instructions] it will serve you."

De Imaginibus, Ch. III, trans. Christopher Warnock at 27.

Copyright 2008 Nigel Jackson
Nigel Jackson
Love/Wealth Talisman Image
"If you seek wealth and do not seek it from another person, but you wish your own work to thrive and multiply your profit and to harmonize and guide your talent and profession and skillfully acquire what you need to live and your necessities, make an image of business...make fortunate the Ascendant and its lord and the 10th [house] and its lord and the Moon and the lord of her house. And place the lord of the second house joined to the lord of the Ascendant with a trine or sextile aspect with reception between them, in order that one planet is in the sign of the other whom it is joined or its exaltation. And make fortunate the 11th [house] and its lord and make fortunate the 8th [house] if you can..."

De Imaginibus, Ch. IV, trans. Christopher Warnock at 33.
Thabit also explains how to make a love talisman,

"And this is an example: if you wish to make an image to make a wife [feel love] towards her husband, make the significator of the 7th house aspecting the lord of the ascendant."

De Imaginibus, Ch. VII, trans. Christopher Warnock at 51.
Once again Thabit, in making a love talisman, like a wealth talisman, to make the ruler of the Ascendant and the Ascendant, as well as the relevant house and its ruler strong. So in making our combination talisman we wish to have the following factors:
  • Ruler of the Ascendant strong
  • Ruler of the 2nd house of money strong
  • Ruler of the 7th house of love and marriage strong
  • Ascendant strong
  • 2nd house strong
  • 7th house strong
  • 11th house strong
  • 8th house strong
  • Ruler of the Ascendant, making a positive aspect with reception to the ruler of the 2nd and the ruler of the 7th
  • Moon strong and unafflicted
As you can see from the chart below we manage to get 9 out of ten of these factors! Amazing!

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The election is for 11:43 pm MST, January 5, 2009 for Boulder, Colorado, where the talismans will be cast. The following factors are in place:
  • Ruler of the Ascendant, Venus exalted
  • Ruler of the 2nd house of money, Mars exalted
  • Ruler of the 7th house of love and marriage, Mars exalted
  • Ascendant strong
  • 2nd house strong
  • 7th house strong
  • 8th house strong
  • Ruler of the Ascendant, Venus making a an applying sextile with reception to the ruler of the 2nd, Mars and the ruler of the 7th, Mars
  • Moon exalted

Talisman larger than actual size

A really incredible, powerful and literally once in a lifetime election!
I am pleased to offer beautiful small pure sterling silver house based talismans for love and wealth. The talismans are 16 grams in weight, a bit more than half an ounce of silver and are 1 inch in diameter. After being cast at the elected time, which you can see below, the talismans will be consecrated and a leather cord added. Each talisman comes with a color Nigel Jackson wealth talisman image for mediation and visualization as well as full consecration and ritual instructions.
Only a very few of these talismans were made. They are unique and the timing of their election can never be replicated. These are not the usual mass produced pewter "talismans" but made from 100% pure, solid sterling silver and carefully cast to the specifications in De Imaginibus.
Small Love &
Wealth Talisman
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Small Love &
Wealth Talisman
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These talismans are wonderful examples of the ancient art of astrological magic, authentically and beautifully made!
We haveSOLD OUT!!! of the small silver house based talismans for Love & Wealth as of April 6, 2013. Please Contact me for more information. There are Love/Wealth rings

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Please note that due to the effect of the consecration ritual, which individualizes the talisman, that no returns will be accepted nor refunds made for talismans.