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Legal astrology can be used to assist in both civil and criminal cases and for many purposes. As an attorney with over 20 years in practice I am uniquely qualified to use astrology to deal with legal questions. Here are further biographical details.
By using the techniques of Horary astrology we deal with Fate, i.e., what will happen if we continue on our present course. For example, clients can use a horary question to ask Should I Sue?, Will I be Arrested? or How Will My Criminal Case Turn Out?
Many clients use horary astrology to determine whether or not to bring suit or to determine the outcome of a case already filed. Criminal clients are almost always concerned about the possibility of imprisonment and horary astrology can be used to predict the imposition and length of a sentence. I provide Civil Case Example Horary, Example Arrest Horary, and Criminal Case Example Horary including the actual chart of the question, my analyses and the outcome of the case.
Electional astrology concentrates on our Free Will; it asks when should I take action to have the desired result. Clients can determine, for example, the best time for a deposition or ask When Should I Begin a Lawsuit? Almost any event, e.g., mailing a demand letter, filing the initial complaint, scheduling meetings, hearings or even trial, if possible, can be elected for the most auspicious time and date. You can see an actual Example of Legal Election with the chart and analyses of the time of filing for a pleading in an actual case.
I found traditional astrology to be useful in my own legal practice and my knowledge of the law and the realities of the justice system to be invaluable in advising astrological clients.


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