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Introduction to the Inner Circle & Marginalia
Previous Marginalia Issues

Introduction to the Inner Circle & Marginalia


Inner Circle Marginalia
The Inner Circle Marginalia newsletter contains articles and other items, hopefully of interest to Renaissance Astrology Inner Circle members. The great source for sages, Wikipedia, says marginalia are "scribbles, comments, glosses (annotations), critiques, doodles, or illuminations" made in the margins of books and treatises. All of my work could indeed be characterized as doodles or at best comments in the margins of the traditional sources produced by our illustrious predecessors.
The Renaissance Astrology Inner Circle is a private group limited to those seriously interested in the study and practice of authentic Hermetic astrology and astrology magic. All students in Renaissance Astrology courses are eligible to be part of the Inner Circle, as are clients who have had a Renaissance Astrology reading. Other Inner Circle members are by invitation only.
Inner Circle Marginalia
I created the Inner Circle because I felt that the time had come to move to a deeper understanding of and spiritual practice with the celestial spirits. I wanted to move away from the clients who were only interested in a quick fix to their material problems, that wanted $1 million results for 10 cents worth of effort, who only turned to the spiritual because their conventional, material approaches had failed. I hope that the Inner Circle will be a way to communicate directly with serious and advanced esoteric students and, while not disregarding material results, begin to focus more on astrological talismans and astrological spirits as part of a spiritual path.
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