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Gold Plated Silver Fixed Star Regulus Talisman
For Happiness & Success

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Talisman larger than actual size

Gold Plated

Silver & Gold


Talisman of


I am pleased to present authentic gold plated silver & gold small talismans of the fixed star Regulus, the Cor Leonis or Heart of the constellation Leo, for happiness and success.
We have a few Large Regulus Bronze Talismans.
Talisman larger than actual size
The Renaissance mage Cornelius Agrippa says that a Regulus talisman,

"...rendreth a man temperate, appeaseth wrath, and giveth favour:"

Three Book of Occult Philosophy, Book II, chapter 47.
Hermes on the 15 Fixed Stars says of the talisman of Regulus that it,

"...bears away anger and melancholy, restores the temperament and gives great honors."

You can see the Regulus talisman front image which is the sigil of Regulus from Agrippa, on the back is the name of the talisman in English and Latin.
Not only are the Regulus talismans autnentically made according to instructions of the Renaissance mage Cornelius Agrippa using the proper images, and designs, but most importantly these limited edition talismans were actually cast out of silver and gold at a time precisely chosen to be the most astrologically auspicious for Regulus talismans.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The Regulus talismans were cast on 10:10 am MDT, June 26, 2009 for Boulder, Colorado, Regulus is at 29 Leo, which rises and the Moon applies to Regulus.
I am pleased to offer beautiful gold plated silver & gold talismans of Regulus. The talismans are a 12 grams of sterling silver with about 1/4 gram of pure gold added, and gold plated and are 1 inch in diameter.
After being cast at the elected time, the talismans were then consecrated and a leather cord added. Each talisman comes with a color Nigel Jackson image of Regulus for mediation and visualization as well as full consecration and ritual instructions.
These talismans are wonderful examples of the ancient art of astrological magic, authentically and beautifully made!
Regulus Talisman
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Regulus Talisman
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The small gold plated silver Regulus talisman for happiness and success is $499.95 plus $19.95 US priority insured shipping or $75 non-US shipping. Please Contact me for more information.
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