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Criminal Case Example Chart & Analysis


How Will My Criminal Case Turn Out?
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Example Of Actual Delineation for the Question:
"Will this Criminal Case Go to Trial?"

Time of Question: 6:08 pm, EDT, May 7, 2000
Place of Question: Washington, D.C. 77W03 38N55
Regiomontanus Houses

I asked this question on behalf of a criminal client charged with assault for slapping his mother and sister in church because they would not let him have his four year old son back.
In this chart Libra rises and it is Venus hour, thus the chart is radical. The ascendant is in the Via Combusta, but conjunct Spica, a fixed star of the nature of Venus & Mars and giving unbounded good fortune and happiness when rising. An excellent indication! The ascendant is also conjunct the fixed star Arcturus, which gives good fortune when rising.
Venus, ruler of the 1st, and significator of my client, is peregrine and in detriment in the cadent 6th house. Mars, the ruler of the 7th and significator of the prosecution in this chart, is peregrine, in detriment and combust while being conjunct the cusp of the 8th house. Thus while Venus is weak, Mars is even weaker and significantly, it is under the dominion of Venus as it is in Taurus.
The Moon, which represents the jury, is also 10th ruler, making it significator of the judge. In D.C. due to what Justice Black called, "a judicial mutilation of the Constitution" most misdemeanors are tried by judges, so this is appropriate. The Moon is dignified only by face, but like Mars is under the dominion of 1st ruler Venus as it is in Libra. There are no aspects between significators and the Moon is weak, so the case may well not go to trial. If it does, however, the defense should win.


The case went to trial and I successfully gained an acquittal for my client, arguing that as he had the right to use force to defend himself or a third party and he had the right to use force to regain mere property, that he certainly had the right to use force to regain custody of his son. The judge, who had children, agreed.



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