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Civil Case Example Chart & Analysis


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"How Will this Civil Case Turn Out?"

Time of Question: 10:17 pm, EDT, April 20, 2000
Place of Question: Washington, D.C. 77W03 38N55
Regiomontanus Houses

This question I asked for a new civil client who was very willful and had managed to so alienate the judge in his case that he got locked up for contempt of court.
In this chart Sagittarius rises and it is both Jupiter day (Thursday) and Jupiter hour. While this indicates a radical chart, we note that 1 degree of Sagittarius is rising and the Moon is in the 28th degree of Scorpio. In essence the early degree on the ascendant tells us the situation is still in its early stages, while the late degree of the Moon tells us its almost over. Seemingly a paradox.

In this chart I am asking on behalf of my client and since our interests are the same, the 1st ruler Jupiter represents my client. Jupiter is peregrine in the cadent 6th house and is making an applying conjunction (with weak reception only by term) to Saturn, the Greater Malefic, also peregrine in the 6th. Jupiter is also under the sun's beams.
My client's opponent is represented by Mercury, also peregrine, but in the 5th house (under the 5 degree rule planets within 5 degrees of a house cusp are moved into the house). Mercury is applying to a conjunction of Venus, in her fall and peregrine, in the 5th. My client is also represented by the Moon, in her fall, void of course and conjunct the ascendant, showing the weakness of my client and the fact that the situation was not likely to change.
Using Lilly's rules we can see that my client's opponent, while not strong is stronger than my client who is afflicted by being peregrine, cadent and conjoining malefic Saturn. In addition, we note that the sign on the 10th is Virgo, making the significator of the judge in the case, Mercury. This indicates that the judge favors the opponent, which was certainly true.
Peter Murphy, Esq., was kind enough to look at this chart and said, "The client is also represented secondarily by the Moon, which is in the 12th house of confinement, in her fall and disposited by Mars, and separates from an opposition to Mars, all indicating that a custodial sentence has been imposed and will be carried out. [While Peter wasn't aware of it, the client had already started serving weekends in jail on his contempt charge.] The Moon is also void of course, indicating that no improvement of this situation can be effected at the time of the question. The Part of Necessity is conjunct the Moon in the 12th house, and is not assisted by any aspect from a benefic, again confirming the custodial sentence.
There are two possible positive indicators. One is that, if the client is represented by the Ascendant, I would have you, as his attorney, represented by the 9th and its lord, the Sun. The Sun is moderately strong (+1) and well placed conjunct the Part of Fortune, indicating that the client is fortunate in securing competent legal assistance (in contrast, apparently, to his previous lawyer).
The second is that Jupiter also rules the 4th house of outcome, indicating some possibility for the client to affect the ultimate outcome by acting in his own best interests in some way (by purging the contempt? offering a credible undertaking not to cause further trouble?)."


The client continued to act in a very willful manner in the case. He refused to compromise and improve his situation which continued to be much worse than his opponent. He also insisted on calling me repeatedly at 4:00 am and fired me when I told him to call during business hours. Thus the early ascendant indicates that the question was premature due to my imminent departure from the case shown by the Moon being about to change signs.



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